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Hello, everybody. Here you can receive $10. Just send posts on 5 forums about this site. The posts should be for people. Tell them everybody can easily get $10 here. You don't need to post a link to this site, just write something like: "everybody can easily get $10 on HappyMinerCoupon.Com"

Then put URL's to your posts to the fields below and save.

After URL's checking we'll write the $10 coupon code here.

1. Go to Google

2. Search there "money making forum" or "online money making forum" or "make money online forum"

3. Choose a forum

4. Post there a message about our site. Explain to people it's easy to make $10 on HappyMinerCoupon.Com

5. Copy the message URL and paste it at the field

6. Save

7. Repeat steps 1-6 again. But choose another forum

Then you apply the coupon at Happyminer.com and get the account.

Then sell the account at Virtaex.com.

After you receive $10 for the sold account, you should make a screenshot, and send to us with a testimonial for $10!

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