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Adaa Dasda

♦♦♦probux♦♦♦....►the Next Neobux◄..(Earn More Than 50$ A Day)!

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Hi There...

you sure already know neobux as the largest ptc in the bussnis now...which have been working for more than 6 years now!!

but in all this years there was never a ptc could beat or even get compared to neobux...Until 2012!!!

That's the year when probux came in the bussnis to compete neobux in the 1st place...so...

What is Probux?!

Probux is one if the most successful ptc's and one of the fastest growing ptc's that ever existed....launced in August 2012....and in just one year in that bussnis probux could achive with it's amazing features what neobux achived in 6 years!!

so...What is Probux' features?!!

Probux is like an old neobux....remember when neobux were paying 1 cent per fixed ad and then it became 0.001?!!...well probux is paying 1 cent per ad and not planing to change it....

everything in neobux you can find in probux....you can see all it's features in FAQs page..

Here is a Pic of the ads you get paid for by Probux


The minimum cahsout is 5$...don't worry you can get them fast by renting referrals!!

And here is the Rented Referrals prices


Here you can see the Upgrade plans and the benefist of it


And here is some payment proofs



and you can find Thousands more of payment proofs and succes stories in the forum of probux...

Probux already have a members that are earnig more than 2000$ of pure profit per month and if you don't belive me...go check the forum...

probux is now paying more than 80000$ every day to it's members

Here is the link of Probux:


this is my referral link ofcurse...you are compeletly free to choose to be my ref or not....but i will really appreciate it if you chose to become my ref...(you won't lose anything anyway :wink: )

This article is not copied and if you have any question i will be glad to answer it...have a nice day :biggrin: :wink: !!


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