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About us

The Qatar Oil Trade LTD company offers to its Clients the service - trust management of the capital.

Trust management is a service provided by the Company, providing management of money of the client of traders of the Company.

At present 10 qualified traders work in the Company. The main profile of each of them is trade in oil in the international currency market of Forex.

Each trader has an experience of the successful trade in the Company not less than 3 years.

After many years of doing business the Company has not been a single case when trade for the month would show a negative result.

Average profit of Clients for all the time of work of the Company is 9 - 16% per month. (These results are not a reference, at the end of the month percentage may be both above and below).

The minimum sum of investments is 100 US dollars.

The maximum sum isn't determined and is defined personally by the Client of the Company.

Accrual % occurs at the end of the trading week, usually Friday afternoon, the second half of day.

All funds of the investor, both a deposit and profits are available for withdrawal at any time.

Special conditions for VIP clients are provided in the Company and it is possible to examine them in appropriate section - VIP clients.

The company also provides the partner program and it is possible to examine it in appropriate section - Affiliate (partner) program.

Plan: 9 - 16% per month

Accept: PM, OK, QIWI, VISA

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