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Tired of winter and the cold? You'll probably want the summer heat and relax in style? Immerse yourself in a warm atmosphere Cruise Cash.
With us you will be able in a short time to earn a great stay. Sea, hotels, yachts - this is your dream about summer vacation!
Put your dream into reality with Cruise Cash. We offer three convenient tariff plans for the progressive growth of your investment. Now your money work for your vacation, you've been dreaming for a long time. Cruise Cash - Customize your cruise.
from $ 10 to $ 100 for 3 days every 6 hours charging 11% Total 132% in 3 days 4% Referral
from $ 101 to $ 1000 for a period of 3 days accrued every 6 hours for 11.5% Total 138% in 3 days 5% Referral
from $ 1001 to $ 5000 for a period of 3 days accrued every 6 hours for 12% of total 144% in 3 days Referral 6%
Accept : PM\Payeer

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