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Wattbux-Pioneer Free Membership Open

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Pay per click : up to $ 0.02 per click ($ 0.01 for standard members)
Pay per click direct referral : Up to $ 0.015 per click ($ 0,005 for standard member)
Pay per click rented reference : Up to $ 0.015 per click ($ 0,005 for standard member)
Ads per day : 4 + / -
Minimum Payout : $ 2.00 via PayPal , AlertPay
Click here to register your account:

NOTE: WATTBUX officially launched on 22.03.2014 but it shows result.You was $ 0.005 per direct referral click as a standard member.Otherwise all other websites that you only give $ 0.0005 as a standard thing member.Another WATTBUX even as a new site.So I do not recommend investing money on your pocket.Create an account and test 2-3 months, then decided to buy an upgrade or not.I 'm also test myself and tell you if I found a mistake and another bad thing.So stay tuned with me.I am also thinking about creating a new scam alert page informing you that the site is scam



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