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Cash9 is a unique, made-from-scratch Pay Per Download Platform.

Main Site: http://cash9.org/

Register link:

Login link:

General Informations:

Payout Methods:


Wire Transfer - Minimum 300$

Western Union - Minimum 300$

Minimum Payout:

Minimum 5$ for NET-15 (you will receive the money made last month on 15th of current month)

Minimum 20$ for NET-7 (you will receive the money made last month on 7th of current month)

Working on 2 SSL, for your security


Manage Files:

You can change file name, dimension, add downloads, you can sort them in folders, also you have "Bulk Actions" to manage more files at same tame.

Also we have a nice banner system ( example : here )

You can generate shortcuts like bit/ly links with just one click!


You can set file Poster, Social sharing( Facebook Likes,tweets,google+), and Comment Set.

Also you can generate comments set or build your own.

You can edit file upload date like "-2 days" or "Yesterday" also the date format like "d M, H:i" or "Y M d H:i:s".


Each mirror have a distinct and awesome design, hope you enjoy:

Telecharger cash9.png Gratuit! Special for FRANCE

cash9.png MediaFire Clone

Offers Set:

This is a feature even we like a lot.You can set min/ max payout, block any offer or even block whole country. After you created the offer set you can change the order: By EPC/ Payout / EPC&Payout.

You can set generated "Offer set" to mirrors or files, so you can optimize however you want.


Daily Statistics: Stats for each day, with impressions, clicks, downloads, revenue, CR, EPC.

Brute Statistics: Show every click/impression/download you get. Also it shows which offer was accessed,from where and how much you earned.

File Statistics: Stats for each file, with Graph/Table.

Country Statistics: Stats sorted by country, Graph/Table.

Link Licker Statistics: Stats for each link you've locked.

Referral Statistics: How much you have earned for each referral.

Also you can set the date range for stats, so you can analyze in detail.


Forums: A nice designed forum, Cash9 Pay Per Download Forum - Index

Chat: A unique features on PPD websites, you can chat with other, or create private rooms.

Tickets: You can contact as if you have any problem, we will respond prompt with information.

Messages: You can contact other members, share private stuff.

Marketplace: Sell you product easily . This work as advertising, we don't work as an escrow network.


There are 2 types of Widgets,each one fully customizable.

1.CSS Based : it has a clean look,

2.Image Based: you can set any type of background(we give you a 160 images galley,by the way). You can move the text anywhere you want

Template Hosting:

This is a unique feature for a PPD website. We can host your template and give you an subdomain.

We will post some pre-made templates on our forum, to make your job easier.


Payment Proofs:

Main Site: http://cash9.org/

Register link:

Login link:



If you have further ideas,questions feel free to contact me on this forum, or tickets/messages on Cash9.


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