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I am not the owner of the project and not the administrator , but I have a relationship with by the creator .

About the creator of the project:

Alexander Wanderer - 38 years. Engaged in the business line for more than 10 years. Started to do the business when it worked in the Savings Bank ( worked 10 years Head of lending) . Currently has several active and profitable businesses. Also, more than three years successfully engaged in trade in the international currency market Forex. Earned from 10 to 400 % per month. Lost lots and lots of winning. More focused on the stock market as shares are entitled to property assets of companies in connection with this about a year ago, the idea of ​​creating an investment project. At the moment, the project works and makes a profit . Implementation is made by 99% , remained minor nuances that are in no way affect the operation .


I want to say about the opening of LLC " AleksInvest " , as well as the submission of documents and regulations for a license giving the right to take the cash to the project. (via the office )

Alexander Wanderer no way conceal information about themselves ( as it happens in most cases when administrators using different encryption pseudo open projects) , his contact details can be found on the website.

From myself , I note that all the funds raised in this project are invested in high-yielding financial instruments . ( And not as it happens in most pseudo projects where cash swirling between participants and profit depends on attracting new people )


"Balanced" (minimum risk) of 7% per month. All depositors' money go to "blue chips" Sberbank and Gazprom

"Profitable" (medium risk) of 10% per month. All depositors' money go to Control Forex-Trader

"Superbep" (high risk) of 30% per month. Depositors' money on forex robot controls specially written (February robot brought 50% of profit)

We accept:



Mail Money




MTS Bank

Alfa Bank


Bank connected

Referral 5%

Minimum deposit: $ 10

Maximum deposit : $ 10,000

Information about the server:

nserver: ns1.cishost.ru.

nserver: ns2.cishost.ru.

created: 2013.10.16

paid-till: 2014.10.16

* big transaction in this project


Date: 16:15 07.03.14

Batch: 50805315

From: U4201461

To: U5718496.

Amount: 315.00 USD

Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. alexinvest.su


11% daily (7 Days per week) ||| support investor

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Great job with everything and I would highly recommend

Date : 04/07/2014 01:18

From/To Account : U5718496

Amount : 17.50

Currency : USD

Batch : 53629202

Memo : API Payment. Withdraw from alexinvest.su.

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