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j Begood

50/50 Split- Points2Shop

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Here's my deal. When you sign up with this site (it's legit- I got $56 doing surveys and everything I ever ordered) Free to sign up! You get a $2.50 bonus for free too
Sign up:
Then here's what happens with me:
Your register promotion rate: 0.50
Your activity promotion rate: 1.00
Additionally, you get 15% of what your first level referrals earn
So here's my deal- you sign up- get active doing surveys - verify your address with the site become bronze... (easy and free to do)
Then once you go gold (2 months on the site) - which means after silver ($25 in completed surveys- they are quick and easy- usually $1 each sometimes more) then I will split your earnings and the bonus I got by 50% back to you as a gift in points so .75 plus 7.5% - you can use these points for gift cards, or anything from Amazon!
YOU MUST GO GOLD TO GET a donation OF $2.62! That will bring your points to $27.62 after your $25 earning from surveys!! This is a 50/50 split!!!!!
Again these surveys are easy- and you will earn in NO TIME!


- Your level must be at least silver - Earn at least $25.00 by completing offers - Make at least one payment (withdraw or amazon) - Your oldest approved offer must be at least 2 months old

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