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Prove your value, and interact with advertisements to earn instantly!

PayPal, STP, PM, EP, WU, BW


To get started, login to your account, click on the activation ad in your members main page. And then head over to the "Paid Ads" section to start clicking on paid advertisements! Paid ads will start appearing in your account within 24hours, so if there's none there right away; check back tomorrow.

PaidVerts Tips:


1) Keep your account active!

Only active accounts receive paid ads. You can view 'activation ads' from your members main page at any time. Every activation ad you view adds 7days of active status to your account + 100 Bonus Ad Points (BAP)!

- View multiple activation ads all at once, to accumulate BAP, and activate your account well in advance.

- If your account goes inactive, you can re-activate it at any time. And pick up exactly where you left off!

- If you're going on holiday, let your account go inactive! This will save your Bonus Ad Points from being consumed by ads that you don't click on. As remember, you only have 18 hours to click on each ad that's delivered to you, or it'll be recycled and given to somebody else!

2) Refer Friends!

Why do all the work, when you can get others to do it for you!

You'll earn 10% of every ad purchase your friends make, as well as 10% of the value of every click your referrals make! So if they view a $10 ad, you'll earn $1 commission for doing absolutely nothing.

To refer friends just give them your referral link.

3) Bonus Ad Points (BAP) are the key to making loads of money with PaidVerts. These are how we distinguish freebie junk traffic, from the valuable users that advertisers are interested in communicating with. Read our FAQ to learn how to earn more Bonus Ad Points.

4) Advertise with PaidVerts! Our communcation rocks!

For every dollar spent on our Bulk Ad Packs, you get:

- 50 visits to your website for 30 seconds, after the user has typed out your three main selling points in captcha form. So they're primed and know what they're looking for even before arriving at your website.

- 100 banner impressions of our 125*125 px banner rotator

- 25 exclusive top of page banner impressions for our 728*90 banners

- And we even throw in 3100 Bonus Ad Points for your account! Thats $1.55 worth of paid ads that'll be delivered to your account ASAP!

Basically, if you decide to purchase ad packs you will be able to earn from them but only if you will click on paid ads which will be delivered to your account.

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Here is quick step-by-step for new users:

Step 1: After you login - click on an "Activation Ad" - http://paidverts.com/member/activation_ad.html - this will give you 100 Bonus Ad Points (BAP).
Step 2: Throughout the day click on the "Paid Ads" page: http://www.paidverts.com/member/paid_ads.html - where you will find paid ads.
With each paid ad you receive your Bonus Ad Points will reduce and you'll keep receiving paid ads until you run out of BAP.
Step 3: Click on another activation ad again, to get more BAP. And receive more paid ads!
Step 4: Buy an ad campaign: http://www.paidverts.com/member/buy_ads.html - every dollar you spend will give you 50 visits to your website, and also add 3100 BAP to your account! Which will deliver $1.55 worth of paid ads to your account ASAP.

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Here is some basic info for new users:

On PaidVerts the most important thing are Bonus Ad Points (BAP).

You can get them by clicking on "Activation Ad" on your members page - http://paidverts.com/member/activation_ad.html

Every activation ad you view adds 7 days of active status to your account + 100 Bonus Ad Points (BAP).

You can view up to 5 activation ads per day. Which gives you a $0.25/day max earning potential... Then after 4 or so days you'll be able to start buying ad campaigns and compound your earnings.

Which other PTC offers you this kind of earning potential per day - as a free member?


If you want more BAP, then you should buy ad packs and advertise because for every dollar spent you get 3100 Bonus Ad Points for your account - that's $1.55 worth of paid ads that'll be delivered to your account ASAP!

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Here are daily news from admin:

Few things regarding PaidVerts:

1) This week, hopefully tomorrow, we have the new ad distribution function coming. Which will help target big ads, specifically at big users. And the bulk of (but not all) small ads, at smaller users! I believe you'll see a huge improvement as we introduce that; definitely more customer satisfaction!

2) We'll chase up PayPal this week. We know what's required now -- we just need Carlos to call the right department. So they can appropriately flag our account to permit digital goods sales.

3) We'll be changing the activation ads limit to 5 per server day. Currently its per 24hours; but that wasn't my intention.

4) We'll be adding a paid vacation mode. Where for a $1.99 (or, 10,000 BAP) fee; you can freeze your account. And you won't receive any further ads until you un-freeze it... No time limit!
(You can also freeze your account for free, just by letting it go inactive as you go on vacation. But for some users that's not an option - so we'll give them the paid alternative)

5) Thinking on Kamils simplification comments; the upgrade idea is a bit complicated for the moment - and likely needs refining - so in the mean time, I'm planning to add a simple paid ad filter to your account.

For a $10 fixed fee. You can set the minimum value ads your account will be permitted to receive... So if you set it to $0.02 -- you'll never be issued any ads under $0.02. Thereby safeguarding your BAP.

You can change the value at any time; every change costs $10, and lasts until you pay to change it again. Easy peasy!


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Here are daily news from admin:

PaidVerts updates:

- Activation ads, have now been set to 5 per server day, not 24hours.
- Activation ads will shortly draw their chosen advertisement from the OLDEST active ad campaign. Rather than a random one. This way we can help guarantee we deliver all clicks within the 180day time limit.

- The grouped ad distribution system should be ready tomorrow evening. So todays daily issue + tomorrows will be all small ads. On Wednesday we'll begin the good stuff!

- We've merged the "Test" and "Verify" links when creating a new ad campaign. As that was causing confusion... So now you just type your URL, preview your own ad for 30seconds; and provided it all works well - you'll get your green tick. And can continue with the rest of the form / your purchase.

- We've contacted PayPal...
Spanish PayPal is pretty darn useless! We seem to know what's reqired better than they do. But anyway, we'll humour them, and work around their incorrect payment setting. And we'll install PayPal in the next 72hours I should think... Then when the realise their error, we'll adjust to their new conditions. Which won't be a problem.

- Banners...
You should no longer see your own 125 / 728 banners when navigating the website.

- Paid Ad Games,
We're testing a new programmer at the moment. Who's going to begin replicating all our games onto PaidVerts. Where users will be able to use their BAP to essentially play games with "fun money" -- view ads, get free BAP, then play games. If you win; then your BAP will be issued as PaidAds to your account ASAP until it's all consumed.
* This won't generate direct revenues as such; but it'll reduce our "debt", which will result in higher value ads for everyone else. And generally good things for the business.

- And we should have the paid ad filter coming later this week, where you can stop your account receiving the lowest value ads if you so choose. And also the Paid Vacations option.

So, fingers crossed for a productive week!
There's a few real decisive upgrades mentioned above. That really could result in PV exploding; and making MTV explode in the process. So let's get it done!


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First, take a look at this:


and here are daily news from admin:

The main news for today is that we've begun accepting PayPal as an option to buy ads, and cashout your earnings at PaidVerts.

To buy an ad campaign with PaidVerts, click here: http://www.paidverts.com/member/buy_ads.html

Fill out the form like normal, then when it comes to selecting a payment method, choose "PayPal" from the dropdown menu. It'll take you directly to the PayPal shopping cart, and you can pay for your campaign that way!

* There's no way to fund your account balance using PayPal. You can only purchase advertising!

* To cashout your earnings via paypal, go to the cashier page: http://www.paidverts.com/member/cashier.html - and use the form to transfer your MTV Earnings Balance or PaidVerts Earnings Balance, and send the money to your PayPal balance. Then you can cash that out, for a fixed fee of $0.25 irrelevant of the amount! What a bargain!

Hopefully later today the grouped ad distribution system will be ready. And then you'll start to see a much better user experience regarding the Paid Ads you'll receive. They'll be much more appropriate for the amount of BAP you have saved up!


Edited by blaxbla

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First, take a look at this:


I got $1.25 recycled ad. Nice. :smile:

And upgrade to get recycled ads costs only $0.05.

And here are daily news from admin:

Ok, the grouped ad distribution system is online for PaidVerts and i've done the first batch! That's a much better system...
I've cleared out all the users with 1, 2 & 3 BAP left in their account via some TINY ads issued specifically at those guys. (And if they recycle; then the recycler pros will get them also - but if you don't click on them, you don't exactly miss out on anything - forfeiting 1BAP).

And I tried to make the bigger investor issues more appropriate for them. Throwing in mostly bigger ads. With just a small touch of tiny ones, to keep the numbers up... If big investors want to elliminate the tiny ads all together; they can upgrade to our paid ad filter that we're building now!

* One slight issue, is it's possible for some people to fall between the cracks. So as I pay one group, and then pay the next. There's a "human error bug" where I might miss one person. Or if you change your BAP significantly whilst i'm paying different groups, you might jump to a group i've already paid... I'll do my best to avoid that, but if one day you randomly receive far fewer ads than everybody else; my bad! It shouldn't happen two days in a row; so just hang tight.

* I'll try and make a habbit of issuing a global ad result to bury every account in at least some small ads regardless. That will patch over this problem, plus encourage people to buy the ad filter upgrade.

Anyway, this is good!
As soon as we get the ad filter + paid vacations online. I believe users will have all the main tools in place to setup their PV accounts how they like. And from there, PV can issue millions of ads very effectively. Giving hard workers lots to do, and high value people, less to do (if they choose to filter out the low value ads), but more worthwhile. So that should be a win all round.


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PaidVerts is going well. Our Alexa rankings are rocketing! http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/paidverts.com - we're already within the top 10k websites. And I imagine that'll increase a lot further in the coming days. And the quantity of ad campaigns being purchased daily is over 120/day right now. The values are generally low [which is actually ideal], but the quantities are real good. If we keep scaling like this, then in a month or so, we should be selling 1000+ ad campaigns per day (with 10k or so active clickers). And even $1-$10 per campaign average; that's a whole lot of money. And $100-$1000/day for MTV in commissions.

- I'm chasing up Payza at the moment. I'll let you know when they reply to my ticket about restoring our account for PV use only (like PayPal).

- We're building the paid ad filter for PV at the moment, which will let large users block low value ads from ever being issued to their account (thereby saving their BAP from being consumed by ads that they have no desire to click on)... And also generate $10 in revenues a pop for MTV.

- I've asked the programmers to install a "low BAP notification" system on the paid ads page. So whenever your BAP drops below 100; it'll give you some tips on how to earn more.

I've also lowered the deposit fee for funding your account with Perfect Money to 0% (Free!) ... as I want to encourage deposits there, as we're short on that at the moment, and it's real expensive to fund. So it's better if we can get it from new deposits.


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Today this one was sitting and waiting in my PV account. :smile:

We've implemented a small improvement to PaidVerts which gives users the full 18hours to view each advertisement. Previously there was a function installed that only gave you 5minutes to view an ad, after first clicking on it... But this proved confusing + problematic in the event of glitches; and now you can click on the ad however many times you like. And so long as you hit confirm within 18hours - you'll get paid.
Also we've removed the "Clicked" tab on the Paid Ads page; now you just have three: Available / Recycled / Completed. Simpler; and less confusing; no need to move an available campaign to "Clicked" prior to you clicking confirm. That just makes it look like it's gone. When it hasn't.
Today we're working on the paid ad filter upgrade. Where for $10, you can set a minimum value of ads that'll be delivered to your account. Thereby stopping tiny ads from eroding your BAP, if you have no intention of clicking on them. (Upgrades last indefinitely; or until you wish to change the value to something else)

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We've further simplified the ad viewing process; by making the "Proceed To Advertisers Website" button visible at all times. As for a few users that wasn't appearing properly.. So that should increase our reliability another notch!

Carlos is in the process of setting up a new Payza account. And then we'll try and get Payza to approve PaidVerts and we'll be able to begin accepting that.

And other than that, we're currently waiting on the installation of the paid ads filter... Thereafter there's still a bunch of little upgrades & things to fix, but we'll get to most of those next week likely.

It's strangely tedious watching PV grow! PV is in the process of exploding, but I think it's going to take an entire month or more for all the events to happen one after the other... Bit of a chore watching it in slow motion / real time --- But we're getting there!

Next week we'll begin shifting focus back to our games. We'll be repackaging the games index page. Start adding BAP versions of the games, and promoting them via PaidVerts.... Plus we've got a few games that are mostly built that are just waiting to be installed. So we'll crack on with those ASAP!


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We've installed the paid ad filter for PaidVerts. You can access it from your My Account page: http://www.paidverts.com/member/my_account.html
For a one time fee of $10. You can set the minimum value ads you wish for your account to receive. So if you don't like clicking on the $0.005 ads, set your filter to $0.009 ...
And then that way every ad your account will receives will be 1cent+
This does mean that you'll receive less ads (as you simply won't be ellegible for all the tiny ads in circulation), and thereby it may take a bit longer to deliver all your BAP in paid ads.
But it'll be a lot less work for you!
100% of upgrade fees are added to the MTV portfolio as a revenue.

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Ok todays PaidVerts ad issue I think is the best yet. That was the best structured daily ad issue we've done to date... Really rewarding people proportional to their BAP.
And a few users that have purchased the ad filter have definitely seen an affect already... Eg with the biggest group of users; they got $18-$19 worth of ads. With the last $1 being 100 * $0.01 ads. So anyone buying the upgrade, got almost the entire return; with 100+ less ads to view!
And the way i'm issuing daily results is two fold now... I'm distributing thousands of tiny ads at random. And then i'm going group by group with the specific higher value ads... This way we can get both sufficient volume of ads, and also targeted values. And again, users with the ad filter (http://paidverts.com/member/ad_filter.html) won't be bombared by the tiny ads.
NOTE: If you've not got many BAP... don't set your ad filter too high. eg. With 50,000 BAP, you're only owed $25 in total ... So if you set your ad filter to $0.50+ you may not receive any ads for a very long time.... As even if we issue 5% return to you today in ads; it's unlikely a single ad will make up 2% of your entire return in a single click... More likely 10* 0.5% ads. With a couple either side... So just bare that in mind.
Daniel is working on some little bugs, statistics and what not for PaidVerts. Meanwhile Paul is working to install the first BAP game; which will be the coin flip game. And that's expected to be ready sometime tomorrow evening... So that'll be good!
And once that first game is ready; Paul can move onto some other stuff. And we have a new trial programmer who can work to copy what we've done with the first game; and do the leg work to copy all of our games over to BAP versions to be hosted at PaidVerts.
So that'll be cool; later this week we'll begin our "views ads to play games" section!

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Ok, i've got the daily ad issues for PaidVerts sorted now. I'm doing it in two parts; one is a low value bulk ad issue to all users. Then I go through the individual groups giving them a few key high value ads that make up the bulk of their return for that day.

So if you buy the ad filter upgrade, and block all the tiny value ads; your life will be very easy! .. And for everyone that doesn't, they can help us click through this 300,000 clicks we need to deliver asap.

Possibly later today we'll launch the first BAP Game. It'll be the Coin Flip game where you can stake 10-5000 BAP per play.


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We've added the gaming section to PaidVerts:
Now we need to race to copy all of our games over there, and create a BAP version for each... For the moment we've added the Coin Flip. And next we're working on the simple slots. Then we'll do all the games with the fancy graphics!
And the initial reception looks good, almost 10,000 plays already. We'll be adding a daily winners list, and portfolio type accounting shortly. So you can see how much BAP people have won/lost each day.
But this should be good, it could clear a lot of debt. Generate a lot of free activation ad views. And that's going to help us deliver our campaigns, and get the click values higher and higher (especially as the MTV re-investments start cycling).

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The PV BAP games section is off to a really nice start. Over 30,000 plays in the first 24hours.

Stats snapshot from earlier today:

Bets: 8150680 BAP

Payouts: 8044871 BAP

So that's wiped out over 100k BAP in the first day. This could be an excellent direction for PaidVerts. A whole new dimension to PTC in general; viewing ads to play games. Win at the games; and then get huge value ads delivered to your account daily.

Our second game, the simple slots game should be launching later today. It's already built and tested. Just needs putting live.

We're focusing on pumping out the games first; Blackjack will be next... And then in a few days time, we'll code in the statistics / portfolio type stuff. So you can track the usage, winners and BAP consumed etc.

And as the PV homepage shows, over 1200 users have earned money in the last 48hours. So the system is snowballing nicely... I think it'll gradually build up over the next few weeks; and then with a bit of luck, we might see some truly explosive growth thereafter.

Shareprice is still low. Fast Track Queue is small and ticking over nicely. It's a ripe time to invest - you'll make a lot of money very quickly investing now. But I know most people will wait until we have EXPLODED before following on. People are like sheep, nobody wants to be first; which is really frustrating! As first is the best position to be in, and it also initiates the chain reaction.

But anyway, it's a real interesting time at the moment. We could literally explode at any moment. Just probing for the right spark. But I think we're in the general vicinity.


http://www.paidverts.com/member/games.html - BAP Slots game is now live.


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The PV BAP games section is roaring!
~75,000 plays in its first 48hours. And Paul showed me some stats earlier that show 400k worth of BAP has been wiped out so far. (We'll build the actual stats into the website ASAP - but right now, we're busy with various other bits)
The next game we're working on for that is Blackjack. That'll hopefully be ready either later today or this weekend.
And PV is growing nicely; http://www.paidverts.com/ - 1300+ earners in the last 48hours. That should go over 1400 today as the daily ad issue rolls out.
I just want to explain the "PV Business Model" i'm currently working too;
As you know, each $1 purchased, generates 30 * 1% ads, that are distributed at random & to the purchaser within 10days of purchase. And 50% is invested into MTV, to return 2.5x
50 * 2.5 = 125 + 30 = 155% Total Return
So to put it another way, every $1 purchased creates $1.25 worth of debt (2500 BAP in 'debt')... And to clear that debt we have three mechanisms;
i) MTV re-investment. Capable of clearing it ALL single handidly.
ii) Recycles; if you don't click on the ad within 18hours, it gets sent to somebody else; and you forfeit the BAP consumed receiving that ad (even though you didn't click on it, to unlock the earnings).. So basically one unit of money, pays multiple people!
iii) Games! Obviously users that spend their BAP in our games; reduce the amount of money we need to pay them. Some will win, others lose. Overall the house should net a good revenue! So that's great.
So clearly; we have more capacity to repay everyone than is required. However, this is balanced a little bit via two additional sources of debt;
i) Activation Ads... free users clicking ads, in return for 100 BAP
ii) Account Milestone Bonuses... as you refer friends, buy ads, and view ads, you can unlock various BAP bonuses for your account.
So those are the two aspects to PaidVerts... Debt Accumulators + Debt Reductors
Now... in order to get the business off the ground; we're basically supplementing the initial results with a few hundred per day (as we can't pay tiny returns for the first 3months whilst we wait on the re-investments -- nobody would like that). And that money we'll claw back as soon as the first MTV investments start to mature.
So right now, we're in a growth phase... New money coming in, is financing more MTV investing. Plus helping seed the initial results by itself. And everything is great... We're also accumulating a bit of debt via the supplements; but that'll be squared away as soon as the first MTV investments come in.
So it's one giant time saving process right now. Early adopters are getting nice fast returns via their ad issues. And the books are being balanced behind the scenes in their own time.
And in terms of waiting for the MTV investments to mature; the more PV grows, the more it contributes to MTV's results & share price... Thereby helping the investments to mature more quickly.
So everything is pushing everything forwards in a positive spiral... With the medium term goal is that the 3 aspects reducing our debt are going to overpower the debt itself. Then we'll come to a stage where there is more money overall than there needs to be to clear all of the debt... That'll not only remove the need to supplement things any further. But it will also make PV go super-nova. And start paying out ridiculously huge ads; as there is more money coming in than there needs to be. And that will form a time saving element.
So that's the general idea we're working to right now. And the more you can help promote PaidVerts, and My Traffic Value --- the better it's all going to work together. And the faster everything will earn & pay.
And that is why we're looking for a few big investors into My Traffic Value. As that will give us more cash assets / leverage, to aid with the initial PV supplements. Which will guarantee that PV explodes. And in the process; guarantee that MTV gets huge and everyone makes money!
So if you've got any money to invest; we have a brilliant mechanism with which to utilize it and turn it into a fortune! ... If you've got the cash available; help us act upon this awesome opportunity!
Our first couple years were a bit slow; but now we're in a position to change all that. And within a matter of months, we will be enourmous with even minimal financial backing.
Anyway... re-read the above! This is the only transparent and legitimate opportunity, that makes sense, and is liable to explode your investments this year. So let's go for it! And grow this business!

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Things are going pretty well, PaidVerts is growing nicely. Over 1400 users earning daily. And MTV is starting to reap the rewards; http://mytrafficvalue.com/monetization/paidverts.html
Last 7 days = $115/day average revenue
7 Days Prior = $58/day average revenues
So in terms of revenue, it's doubled in size in a week!
And PaidVerts is re-investing 50% of it's ad pack purchases into MTV; which is helping push our Fast Track Queue around. And also it's begun to raise the share price.
Every other thousand ad packs sold, will purchase $500 worth of shares into MTV... So over the coming month or two; you're going to see the MTV share price steadily rise as a result of that consistent and predictable demand.
And as you witness that happen, you can take full opportunity to buy and sell shares against that reliable share price trend... eg. If you bought shares at 7cents yesterday; you could now sell them for 9-10cents today! Which would make you about 25% NET PROFIT in a day... Or hold onto them a bit longer, wait til we get the price up to $0.15 and boom, doubled your money + divdends!
So, you have been warned :smile:
PaidVerts is going act very predictably buying up cheap shares to instantly resell them at 2.5x the price... Every 2000 ad packs sold will add $500 investment into the FT250, and $500 worth of share purchases (until we get the price up to at least $0.50) ; thereafter PV will re-assess whatever is the best option for itself. ie. Does it focus more on shares or more on the FT250.
PV Games are ticking over nicely;
Last night we added the Prize Spinner. And later today Compound Boxes should be making an appearance. The more complex games will be coming sometime next week; taking a bit longer to sort those out due to the complexity of the code / graphics.
Today i'm going to try and compile a list of little MTV bugs; and add those to the programmers list. I want to tidy a bunch of nonsense issues up. And then next week; we'll try and divide up the programmers between;
- Installing BAP Games
- MTV/PV Upgrades / Issues
- Installing New Stuff / Games / Multiplayer / Chatrooms / PV Targeted Ads / Slosumos slots etc.
I'll also go and check on the Payza account verification process... See if we can get that online next week also.

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I don't imagine a whole lot is happening today, Sunday + Easter. So it's liable to be a quiet and relatively uneventful day.

The programmers are currently working on three main things;

1) Paid Vacation Function (For $1.99 or 10,000 BAP - you can freeze your account indefinitely)

2) Request Micro Ads button for the Paid Ads page (if you have no ads)

3) We're working to install Compound Boxes to the BAP games section.


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PaidVerts will be offline for about 1 hour later today, likely around 9-10pm server time. We need to optimize the database, as it's getting pretty huge. Our ad history table has over 3million entries in it.

After the optimization we should be launching the next BAP game: Compound Boxes. And check out the stats so far for our 3 BAP games (well over 200,000 plays):

Coin flip:

bets - 38475868

payouts - 38072110


bets - 6551520

payouts - 5454400


bets - 2136900

payouts - 1945800

Total: 1,691,978 BAP = ~$846 worth of debt removal!

The programmers are fixing and improving various bits all the time, it's actually hard to keep up with what they've done! So keep checking PV for all the latest upgrades.

And the next key feature we're working on is the "Request Micro Ads" button that'll appear on your Paid Ads page when you have no ads. And you can click that up to 2x per day to get a bunch of mini ads if you're bored and looking for something to do, whilst you wait for the next daily ad issue!

And as I posted on Facebook last night, PaidVerts is definitely snowballing;

# 1700+ users earning within the last 48hours.

# Growing at about 10% per day for the last 2 weeks.

# Daily net profit (ad sale commissions & upgrades) over $150/day at the moment. Triple what it was 2 weeks ago.

# Over 200,000 BAP game plays, in their first week (with only 3 games so far)

# Over 550,000 paid website visits delivered, totalling over $10k+ in value (~$0.018/average)

# $8000+ re-invested at MTV to supplement future ad interaction rates

# 1.9million member page views logged

# Website ranking in the top 7k most trafficed websites in the world. Climbing as fast as the 3month average calculations will allow, considering we're only 3weeks old.

Let's see how big it gets!


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      Min  withdrawal: 1$
      Payments Accepted: SolidTrustPay, Bitcoin, Litecoin, NetellerGo, OKPay, Payeer, AdvCash, PerfectMoney

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      Hi, guys! I am working as a senior executive running FB and GG ads for SMEs company in VietNam which is an advertising company.
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