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About Broiler Room Services

Cameron Abney and Associates Blog Review About BRS

Offering a complete system approach on all fire and water tube boilers since 1977

Boiler Room Services, Inc. has been operating from our Southwestern Pennsylvania Headquarters since 1977. For over 35 years BRS has provided maintenance, upgrades, and emergency services for all makes of fire tube and water tube boilers in commercial and industrial facilities, specializing in digital control upgrades. BRS was incorporated in the state of Pennsylvania and continues to provide top quality products and services.

BRS, Inc. is flexible, working with various sized companies within many different industries and providing proven technical and operational processes. Our service offerings and technical products keep our clients operating smoothly with energy-saving effeciency.

Use the navigation bar to review our services and products offered. We take pride in the fact that we are one of the only companies specializing in retrofitting control panels and using advanced parallel positioning for true cost savings. Working with such companies as Preferred Instrument BurnerMate Boiler Control Systems we're confident that are products are services are second to none.

Call us today to see our top-rated, state-of-the-art boiler room technologies and total boiler system controls.

Cameron Abney and Associates Blog Review About BRS

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Cameron Abney and Associates Blog Review

Offering a complete system approach on all fire and water tube boilers since 1977

Operation Controls

BRS offers customized combustion controls.

State-of-the-art combustion control

Burner Management

Preferred Instruments BurnerMate Boiler Controls

Customized digital panels

Remote access

24/7 customer support

Human/Machine/Interface (HMI) computer systems

NFPA 70E PPE requirements

NEMA rated enclosures

UL listed parts

PLC programming

Operation and Repair Services

Combustion calibration, optimizing firing rates and reduced emissions

Startup analysis

Corrosion/failure analysis

Boiler burner management and combustion control repairs and upgrades

Electrical control systems, using PLC HMI interface and meeting NFPA 70E PPE requirements

Natural gas and oil fuel trains flow metering and measurement

Feed water level control flow metering and monitoring

Chemical feed systems analysis

Prepare for code inspections

Plant surveys and recommendations by certified P.E. to increase plant efficiency.

Through associated repair companies, re-tubes, new tubes, welding, piping, refractory work

Maintenance Services

Customized maintenance agreements, incorporating the auxiliary equipment in your boiler room

Annual, Bi-Annual, or Monthly planned maintenance work agreements

Boiler Equipment and Services

Boiler rentals through associated supplier ranging from 30HP to 650HP ready to ship on 24 hour notice

Hot water heat exchangers separate or part of boiler rental package

Steam boiler rentals through associated supplier up to 30,000 lb/hr

Burner Conversions Removal of old burner and combustion controls and installation of gas, oil or combination fuel burners, complete fuel train installations or fuel valve components, and boiler pressure and temperature controls

Through associated repair companies, complete A.S.M.E. services


Blow down separators

Chemical feed systems

Lead-lag systems


Gas fired water heaters

Indirect fired water heaters

Boiler feed systems

Products Offered

Visit our Products Offered page for a complete list.

Flame Safe Guard, IR and UV flame scanners, flame amplifiers, flame rods, ignition rods, sight glass, relays, indicating lights, switches, burner internals, gas pilots, fuses, contractors, motors, motor starters, wet and dry gaskets, door insulation blanket, refractory products, tubes, burners, gas valves, gas regulators, air compressors, oil atomizing assemblies, oil pumps, water level controls, safety relief valves, and other equipment.

Training Take advantage of our unique operator's training program. We offer hands-on training that's supplemented with our very own crafted manual.

Support Guides We can help create consistent operating practices with customized reference guides that display right in your boiler room. Options include daily logging, data aquisition, blowdown procedures, and basic troubleshooting.

CAD Drawings Revise old drawings and hand revisions into AutoCad. System Schematics, 3-D modeling, electrical, structural, and/or mechanical drawings.

Call for assistance to find the part(s) you need.

See more at Boiler Room Services, INC.( http://www.boilerroomservices.com/about.htm)

Cameron Abney and Associates Blog Review BRS Sales & Services

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