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I am not admin :

Start :17.12.2013

My name is Zorro, and I am 25 years old. I have got a bit unusual name; it was given be by my father, who is a deputy, and who is 45.

My father sent me to one of the best Moscow Universities, and I successfully graduated from it last year.

Since my graduation I have not been working in my specialization, because I have been trading under the names Moneta (NMC) and Nova Moneta (NVC).

First, nobody knew that I was involved in such kind of trade.

The years passed, and then my father noticed that I need money less and less, at least, I rarely asked for them. I had some cash earned by trading and it was enough for me.

When the time came to continue my education, I explained my family everything. First, they took that to much to heart, but after we had talked with father we decided that it is profitable business.

From now on, when I am confident in my knowledge and have some experience I decided to found my fund, since I consider that as far as I have 4-5% of profit a day, I have won the confidence of investors. All risks reduced to zero, because my father promised that he will give me his insurance premium, 30.000$, that he saved in order to buy a car for me.

s I have already said, my strategy develops through the games under the names Moneta (NMC) and Nova Moneta (NVC) coins in BTD market. Once again, as a matter of experience, I have 4-5 per cent a day, and that’s far from maximum point yet.

My personal start-up budget comprises 2500$, ant that will be my ratio in the fund.

I think we have good prospective chances. As my father said, "I’d like you drive your own car at 25, but I’d like you to change automobiles like a woman changes clothes."

Plans :

0.5% per day.

No withdrawal limits.

Instant payouts.

Accept : PiratCoin - Site (new payment system, you may change it on Perfect, Payeer, Visa/MC)

No Ref.Comission system.

I am in with $35 :

28304 pankinvest -35.0 0.35 March 30, 2014, 5:02 p.m. SCI



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