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I am not admin :


Start : 30.12.2013

My name is Elina, I am 33 years old, I am Gipsy, born and bred.

Since 14 I earn my living all by myself. I received my gift from my maternal grandmother. Thanks to this gift I bring money to my home up to this day.

Thanks to my work we built the house and bought the car. I have got long-term savings and run my own business in the Internet.

I am able to earn even more than I do in this very moment, but I am to increase my capital and my working time. The second thing depends on me and the first one depends on you.

There is nothing superficial in my plans. I am ready to reliably pay 100 percent a year or 0.28 percent a day.

Plans :

100 percent a year or 0.28 percent a day.

Accept : PiratCoin - Site (new payment system, you may change it on Perfect, Payeer, Visa/MC)

Ref.system : 10%

- Dedicated server
- SSL (Geotrust)
- Unique script
- Unique design

I am in with $65 :

28260 chigankaznaet -65.0 0.65 March 30, 2014, 10:51 a.m. SCI


HYIP.Observer - Real RCB Up To 500%, Honest HYIP Monitoring!

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