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Welcome to the website of the investment project MixInvest. We are a team of professional programmers and traders with years of experience. Because of the close and fruitful work of programmers and traders, we managed to create a unique automated trading system built on the neural connections. We were able to subdue the artificial intelligence strategies of our traders to trade successfully. We taught our robots to earn, and they earn! Our trading robots implemented purchase contracts on the outcome of the financial transaction. That is being optional trade currency instruments, not orders, as the market Forex. Binary options market was chosen because it has a higher liquidity compared with the Forex market and lots of financial contracts and instruments.
Deposit Amount: $ 10.00-$ 199.00
Duration: 15 days
Interest: 1.00% per day
Deposit Amount: $ 200.00-$ 499.00
Duration: 30 days
Interest: 1.50% per day
Deposit Amount: $ 500.00-$ 2999.00
Duration: 45 days
Interest: 1.70% per day
Deposit Amount: $ 3000.00-$ 9999.00
Duration: 60 days
Interest: 2.20% per day
Deposit Amount: $ 10000.00-$ 50000.00
Duration: 90 days
Interest: 2.50% per day
Accepted payment processors: Payeer, PerfectMoney

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