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I am not admin :


Start : 20.11.2013

Yes i have a name, but i want to stay online with nick Capitan Skull!

I'm online for 5 years. online investing for 3, bit coin and crypto money (bit coin stocks market ) When i sold my old bmw, this January and moved all my energy for money mining!

Some C## and i made some stock broker bots for mtgox and btc-e. buy/hold/sell/ buy/hold/sell always this year gives for me a good profit, so i was good player, and was making about 3% per day, Yes I have more then one account on btc-e so with money i know how to receive profit any day. Even on sunday :-)

Yes, there was a bad day, when I coundn't pay in time for my dedicated server! on the last week i made 70% and i got and idea (!) , need to open invest fund named as myself - Capitan Skull!,

Me and my robot will work for your money, My strategy is so easy for every one, but i can show you the biggest capital growing from any of the world. Growing, pumping and dumping Crypto Markets. If Start Buying them now in one place, we can grow up all!

Plans :

1) 1% per day for Bitcoin и Litecoin deals.

2) 40% for 31 day for mining deals

Accept : PiratCoin - Site (new payment system, you may change it on Perfect, Payeer, Visa/MC)

Ref.system : 10%

- Dedicated server

- SSL (RapidSSL CA)

- Unique script

- Unique design

I am in with $115 :

28223 pirateinvest -115.0 1.15 March 30, 2014, 7:25 a.m. SCI



HYIP.Observer - Real RCB Up To 500%, Honest HYIP Monitoring!

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