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    • By SuperChange.ru
      Automatic exchange service SuperChange performs exchanges between of major e-currencies.
      BitCoin LiteCoin Perfect Money USD Perfect Money EUR Payeer USD AdvCash USD OKPay USD OKPay EUR BTC-e USD eCoin USD Z-Payment RUR Yandex.Money RUR SuperChange.org:
      WebMoney WMZ WebMoney WMX WebMoney WME WebMoney WMR WebMoney WMU WebMoney WMG Yandex.Money RUR Exchanges are instant, fully automatic and usually takes just few minutes after funds reception from client.
      For Bitcoin / LiteCoin exchanges only 3 network confirmations are required.
      We use Dynamic system of discounts. All registered users are entitled to a progressive discount based on the total amount of funds exchanged through the service in the past and applied to the current service commission. The higher the value of your discount level, the lower our commission and the more favorable exchange rate you get. This allows significant savings in the subsequent exchanges. Also service uses a Dynamic discount program, which is calculated from the current sum of exchange. For larger amounts you get larger discounts.
      Total discount = Cumulative discount + Dynamic discount
      We have Two level Partner program with 30% + 10% profit. You can use banners with different size or exchange forms on your site.
      Websites owners can integrate a full exchange service into your site. You will have the exchange form, similar to our exchange form on main page.

      Service working since 2005.
      You can contact with our support via Contact form.
    • By E-Currency Exchanger
      E-cashpay is verified E-currency Exchangers with Very Good and atractive rates all over the market. We are well know and trusted E-Currency exchanger all over the Pakistan. We give complete Satsifaction to our client. Normally e –dollars are using into Department stores & eMarketplace, Online Games, Hosting & Domains, Promotion & Optimization and forex.  We provide E-currency Exchanging services Of Perfect Money, Skrill, Netellers and Bitcoin at low rate at compare to other E-currency exchanger in the Market. Cash out e-currency is now easy and reliable through our platform. We have all latest and secure payment services in Pakistan available to you. You can use Easy paisa, Mobi cash, bank to bank transfer and you can also visit our office for face to face transactions in Skrill, Perfect money, Webmoney, Bitcoin for cash outs.All Forex traders, freelancers, e-currency dealers need not to worry about their funds cash outs for Skrill, Perfect money, Webmoney, Bitcoin in Pakistan. We have multiple ways to securely and easily cash out your e-dollars like perfect money, skrill, webmoney and bitcoin from anywhere in Pakistan. We offer best possible rates available in the market for all your cash out needs for any e-currency accounts like PM, Wm, Skrill, btc in Pakistan.
    • By inspired50
      Start your own e-currency exchange business here http://www.auto-exchanger.com/?rid=6581
    • By Robert dCZ
      Daniel of TopGoldForum invited us to start a discussion relating to c-gold and c-coin here.
      I am one of the original founders of the company that owns the c-gold.com and c-coin.com platforms and am happy to answer your questions here. As I am less glued to my screens than in younger years though, please to allow me 24-48 hours to reply prior to spreading panic and rumours and running around like a headless chicken if you don't receive a reply within three seconds of posting.
    • By xmlgold

      XMLGold VISA Prepaid Card 
      With XMLGold Prepaid Card you get Benefits of credit card. But, without commitment.
      XMLGold Visa Prepaid Card Advantages:
      Buy goods from 32 million locations worldwide WithDraw form 1,5 million ATM’S Worldwide Book You trips Online Shop Online  
      The XMLGold prepaid card work just like any other payment card. It's so easy – and more convenient and safer than cash!
      With no arranged overdraft facility or credit line available, you only spend what you have loaded onto the card.
      More Advantages:
      High Withdraw limit. Up to 1500 Euro a day! No hidden fees. No interest or unexpected bank fees to pay. Security. Chip and PIN protection and has no link to your bank account. Stay anonymous. Order your card without name on it Private and Business. Equally effective and convenient for both private and company usage. Various Currencies. Available in EUR, USD and GBP.  
      The main benefits of having XMLGold Visa Prepaid Card
      Our prepaid cards are ideal for a range of uses. The card's anonimity will make you secure and with all the flexibility you expect from a financial service.
      For your convenience
      Loading any prepaid card is easy and secure, which makes regularly sending money to friends and family abroad, supporting a child at the university home or abroad, travelling and using multiple currencies without having to carry cash a totally hassle-free experience.
      3 Different XMLGold Visa Prepaid Card Types:
      You can choose XMLGold Prepaid Card in EUR (10.06EUR) , GBP (9.28GBP) or USD (13.18USD)
      Visa Prepaid Card offers:
      Embossed prepaid card with chip. Cards with no-name. Maximum balance of ( 15 000 €) ( 20 000 USD) ( 10 000 GBP) Fixed fee for ATM withdrawals. Daily ATM limit € (1,500.00) ( 1 000 GBP) (2 000 USD) Valid up to 3 years. Hold up to 3 cards at once. PIN and CVV code protection. Online balance and transaction history. Load cards via bank transfer or from your XMLGold account.  
      Don’t miss the opportunity!
      Order Now: http://www.xmlgold.eu/en/prepaid_card
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