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Pavel Kos

O.money - Oceanmoney.asia

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The simplest program for increasing your funds from O.money is DEPOSIT PROGRAM.

Investing in the project O.money you will get up to 40% of profit per month from the invested capital.
In order to participate in the program, you have to move to the section DEPOSIT PROGRAM and choose one of the three tariffs:
Tariff «30 days»
The fastest deposit program.
Profit per month: from 20 to 30%. Term of the program: 30 days.
Tariff «60 days»
The optimal program.
Profit per month: from 25 to 35%. Term of the program: 60 days.
Tariff «90 days»
The most profitable program.
Profit per month: from 30 to 40%. Term of the program: 90 days.
After that, indicate the desired invested sum in OMP.
Confirm opening of the deposit.
* Accrual of the profit takes place every day, the percentage of the calculation depends on the company’s profit for the previous day, but cannot be higher or lower than a fixed percentage of the program. Get acquainted with the history of the accruals for the last 8 days on all programs you can in the personal cabinet, section «DEPOSIT PROGRAM».
* Closing of the deposit before the ending of the program is not possible.
* Payment of the profit at the sum of the invested funds takes place automatically at the end of the program.
* The number of the opening deposits per one user – is unlimited.
exchange omp

do you always watch the situation at the market of e-currency? Do have an experience of trying yourself as a trader? The program from o.money exchange omp – is for you! Earn money on the purchase/sale of omp.

In order to participate in the program, you have to move to the section exchange omp and become familiar with the interface of the project.
Chart of trader
show the results of trades for the last 24 hours with a period of 30 minutes.
Tables of orders
show the active traders’ orders. To perform an operation on the purchase or sale of omp, click on the order you are interested in, then enter the desired sum and confirm the transaction.
For creating your order, you can click on the «new order». The table «active orders» shows your submitted orders.
Exchange credit accounts
show the sum of credit funds from o.money.
For the receiving of the credit funds you will need:
To have 30% of the insurance funds from the declared sum of the credit on a basic account.
The history of trades on the omp exchange, which will be analyzed by our experts.
Terms of credit use:
The general balance of the credit funds should not be reduced by more than 30% of the credit balance. Otherwise, your credit funds will be frozen, and 30% of the insurance funds of the credit amount - written off as the payment for the using of the credit funds, without the possibility of returning.
Refusing from the credit funds is possible in case if the credit balance will correspond to the sum of the given out exchange credit or exceed it. In this case from the credit balance the sum of the credit will be written-off, 30% of the insurance funds from the sum of the credit will be unfrozen, the remained funds will be divided and sent automatically, 50% on your basic account and 50% on the account of the company.
A profit from transactions you can withdraw on a basic account at any time.
Commission for the withdrawal of profits is 50%:
50% from the sum of the commission is the profit of the company that farther more makes one of the points of algorithm of calculation of accrual interests on the deposit programs.
50% of the commission is paid by the referral program.

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