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Magento Store Locator

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Magento Store Locator


Have your customers ever got troubles with road directions? Are they really frustrated looking for your store location? This can be the implicit reason making your revenue drop. Here is an amazing solution for your website’s store, Magento store locator is one of our Magento extensions has been specialized for supporting customer’s purchase process.

With the eye-catching and easy-to-use interface, customers can easily find the search box, being right in the head of the locator page. Besides, the extension supports your customer to have a very clear road direction through searching options by radius or country and showing detail routes. There are some basic mandatory information which needs to fill before starting your "journey" (your location, state/ province). After that, just waiting for system reaction, you will have a precise guidance to the specific stores.

Quick store location search

Ability to use Google Maps API Key

Map and Satellite views are supported

Use static blocks on the store locations page

Prioritize store locations

Store location with images

Define description of any location

Product Detail: Magento Store Locator

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