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Fusion Cash - Fusioncash.com $5 Signing Up Great Gpt Site!

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Hello everyone!

Most sites online are complete scams which is why I wanted to share Fusioncash for those who don't already know about it. It is quite similar to Cashcrate if anyone has used them before in the sense that it is a get paid to site. Just for joining up get $5 into your account

I earn over $100 from this site every month!

How I earn my money:

The best way to earn money on this site is obviously with trail offers although most require a credit card so sign up with all of them that don't!

1. Paid to call - best feature ever! They give you a toll-free number to call and you follow a little script they provide. $3 per call (last 2mins+) up to 8 times a month. This is a very easy $24/month for 24 minutes of your time!

2. Paid to sign up - Create some dummy email account and sign up for all of these offers ranging from $0.50 to $2.00. Very easy money

3. Surveys - I get many of these but they range from $0.75 to $3.00 Pro tip - fill out the profile surveys to get more!

4. Referrals! - This is definitely one of the best sites for referrals! Do your friends need beer money too? Refer them and get $1. If they complete an offer get another $2! If they cash out get another $5!!

5. Lastly they offer little incentives like $3/month for forum posts, $1 for providing proof of payment, money for searching with their toolbar etc

Terms and Payout

- Sorry but this site is only open to US and Canadian citizens

- Payment via paypal only (needs to be verified)

- Payments sent on the 20th of every month

- Minimum $25 payout

So if you need some extra money and have some time for some get paid to offers try out fusion cash!

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