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    • By Babaha
      Hello. I have read forums for a long time, but I have never written on them myself. Sometimes I noticed on forums that people try to deceive other people. If I see this again - I will tell you)
    • By davidsmith
      Hello this David. I like to participate in discussions, share knowledge and learn something valuable.
    • By milakg
      Hello my name is Mila. 
      I'm born 19.08. 1988.
    • By Lucky Lu
      Hi everyone! :)
      I am new to the forum and I'm happy to be a part of the community!
      I currently live in Russia but I've been moving from country to country for quite a while now..
      Internet Marketing is what I do for a living. I've set up successfully several affiliate websites, I've sold directly with paid traffic and I've been working as a freelancer (SEO services and consulting and Website development and optimization). I am also interested in academic studies and not just entrepreneurship, and soon I'll be taking on a PhD program. If my experience and knowledge could be of any value to anyone here, please let me know how may I help :))
      I am also working as a full time Affiliate Manager in one great company, which up until now, was working closely with a handful of super affiliates and it was sort of an "underground" network, a hidden goldmine for affiliates, because the entire promotion was based on word of mouth and personal contacts, and the platform was a hidden backend only available to certain people, but that's about to change now... and I'd be happy to share it with you if you are interested of course. It's in a competitive industry (gambling), and I wouldn't recommend it for affiliate newbies, but we provide lots of competitive advantages and ready promotional materials that most networks in this space do not. If you are interested I might share more about it later but for now I would just like to get to know you better, and see what is everyone's interests and experience here.
      I'm really happy to be part of your community and thx for accepting my request to join you :D
      Lucky Lu
    • By rainford
      Hello mate,
      I would like to say hello to all. I am new member into this forum. Opened my account here few minutes. Hope you are quiet well?
      Thanks for your time!
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