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Watching the live broadcast of the World Cup overseas and being prompted "Your region does not support broadcasting"? Sixfast helps you solve it!


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Many foreign netizens must have encountered prompts such as "Your region does not support playback at the moment" when watching the World Cup, or similar "The content cannot be provided for you due to copyright reasons", etc., then How to solve this problem? Is it impossible to watch the live broadcast of the World Cup in a foreign country? Not so, today the editor of sixfast is here to help you solve this problem together!

First of all, we need to know which APPs we need to use to watch the Chinese live broadcast of the World Cup abroad. Here is a list for you:


There is no doubt that the domestic broadcast rights of the 2022 World Cup are only on CCTV. Apart from CCTV itself, other domestic platforms can only obtain the broadcast of the World Cup from CCTV. At that time, the broadcast of the World Cup in Qatar will be broadcast live on CCTV channels and mobile platforms.

Central video app

CCTV Video, the official mobile app of CCTV. As the official mobile app of CCTV, CCTV Video can also watch the World Cup broadcast.

Migu video Migu

Migu Video is a video platform owned by China Mobile. For a long time, Migu Video has reached a cooperation with CCTV, such as the previous Olympic Games, etc., and you can also watch live broadcasts on Migu. For this World Cup, CCTV and Migu share the right to broadcast the 2022 World Cup live.

Douyin Live

The Douyin Group stated that it purchased the broadcast from CCTV, which will cover the entire 28-day schedule and provide free live broadcasts of all games and 4K ultra-high-definition. Users only need to search for "World Cup" on Douyin to enter the special page, and they can view the tournament schedule at a glance.

In other words, in the first step, you need to download one of the above apps to watch the live broadcast of the World Cup.

Then it is how to solve the problem that these applications cannot be used normally in other foreign regions. In fact, this problem is also very simple. The problem that cannot be used normally in foreign countries is caused by the network problems in the region. You only need to download a home accelerator. It’s just different from ordinary accelerators used in daily life. When it comes to live broadcasting, the network speed and bandwidth required are completely different. Ordinary accelerators may not be able to meet the needs of watching the World Cup, or even just watch it, but the delay and clarity will be greater. It is discounted, so it is still recommended that you use the sixfast overseas return accelerator, because sixfast not only set up a large number of overseas notification nodes to solve the problems of high latency and easy lag in most areas, but also specially set up dedicated for several live broadcast entrances of the World Cup The steps to use the accelerated channel are also very simple:

Download the sixfast accelerator β†’ open and register β†’ log in to the account and enter the redemption code in the member recharge: World Cup, receive free time β†’ select the acceleration channel according to the downloaded APP, click one-key acceleration β†’ open the downloaded World Cup live APP to watch normally!


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