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[Contest] Prepared for the Financial Crisis? [$80 Prizes]

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The possibility is that there will always be a crisis, there are many circumstances that affect events and the environment in general, but I hope that everything will be fine, I really want to live, develop, achieve a breakthrough in medicine, so that everyone is healthy, alive and happy, this is the most important thing !!! Of course, we are people who will look for a way out of any situation, even a crisis, which is not the worst thing in this world, the rational use of both money and food, etc. can translate to the salvation of the whole world. It is necessary, of course, to do what you love and need, which will make it possible to survive the crisis if it does come! But I hope everything will be fine, the main thing is to support each other in any situation, and help those who ask for help, and together we can overcome everything !!!!

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i think with invidual can over come the crisis, if about financial income get income by upgrade a knowledge to learn and make other stream of the income. if the crisis like today crisis is about virus and war on the other flat on the planet that caused the global crisis, lockdown on the past means not increase on wealthy making trauma to start and continue as the past running productivity. as many people by individual talent and ability can be increased by the how and the knowledge translated into work and profession. saving, withdraw all money on bank make you hesitant to be yourself to guard and secure your money because of limited secure of store or your wallet.Β 

but if your current profession can be upgrade to make more productive, just do it instead of searching new other stream of line income.Β 

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Hi all. I received a letter a couple of days ago, because I only now found out about the competition.

Well... Many offer to save and give up the excess. But, the rejection of familiar things will lead to a spiritual crisis. As Bulgakov said in the words of Dr. Priobrazhensky, "The crisis is in our heads." You can not go in cycles in problems and be afraid of difficulties. If you live in anticipation of a crisis, then it will not be life, but sheer stress. And stress is always bad for health.

All economic crises are created artificially in the interests of a small number of people in power. And artificially created situations can always be beaten. To do this, it is not necessary to save, but it is better to look for reserves in yourself to increase personal income. Translated from ancient Greek, "crisis" is a turning point, a transitional state. Therefore, the crisis gives us the opportunity to look at our lives from a different angle and bring something new into it that will take us to a new level.

I try to acquire new skills that are relevant in the modern world. I am not afraid of crises. This is not the first and not the last. There have always been crises and always will be. The main thing is not how to survive the crisis, but what lessons you will learn from it, how you will change your views and your life under the influence of new realities.

At all times, the main problem is war, which brings destruction and kills people. And the problems of the economy, when you have to eat porridge instead of caviar, are the little things in life. But they push people to look for new opportunities for earning.

All wisdom and peace!

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  • Root Admin

Hello guys and gals,

I'm really happy to read your contributions. A lot of useful pieces of advices coming from people that prepare for the recession and not from 'experts' that know the theory but they lack practice.

Here are the users that contributed so far: @DailyMoneySaving, @EuChangeLTD, @olgakyzmina, @XtraProfit, @Susan, @Egypt King, @widhie75, @lizzett_alv, @Warfare, @fxfarmerashik, @Yusra, @EvaRose, @Ilona, @Lara2016, @UpadhyayJyoti, @DoubleCycleBiz, @Micedanger, @Hyipdealer.com, @Olgacom, @Tonkovic, @Teodor M Muntean, @LailaTarot

These members will participate in the best preparation advice with 3 prizes of $20, $15 and $10

People that voted so far: @Galina1006, @widhie75, @olgakyzmina, @psv1964, @Susan, @EuChangeLTD, @XtraProfit, @DailyMoneySaving, @Wolkott, @Murka96, @Micedanger, @Ol4ik74, @Tasamaya, @lutik378, @Olgacom, @olnasch, @sparklet, @slepoiman, @Avdeyeva Katrin, @lemwil, @Jakie, @Networks, @pmp87, @fahadaziz, @Yusra, @LailaTarot, @Hyipdealer.com, @Satisa24, @Saf, @baKira, @kriptopsix, @Lion, @DoubleCycleBiz, @Koshechka, @olnasch

These members so far will participate in the 6 x $5 raffle

There is plenty of time till 08/08/22 to vote other contributions to have a chance to WIN!!

You can vote by adding LIKE to the contribution posts you consider helping the most.

Vote now!

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In my case I would do the following actions:
Before that happens I will prepare:
- Join insurance
- Save, limit spending, budget for a minimum of 6 months, maybe 1 year 2 years or more if possible.
- Diversify income sources, develop income sources less affected by the crisis
During a crisis I will:
- Keep good health, avoid spending money for illness
- Take the time to improve knowledge and expertise
- Focus on earning less impact, can work remotely, from home.
- Do more small jobs, accumulate
- Prepare strategies, partners to develop the types of businesses that are predicted to grow at the end of the crisis

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