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Bear token: A Revolutionary Way to Approaching the Bear Market

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The Bear Token


❖ Bear token: A Revolutionary Way to Approaching the Bear Market


Welcome to the Bear Token community. Investing in crypto is both exciting and rewarding. However, the recent market slump has resulted in huge losses, forcing investors to reconsider their investment strategies. The Bear Token team wants to take rewards tokens in a new directionβ€”a smarter direction.

Crypto winter is fast-approaching, investors must band together until the next alt-coin season. Rather than offering short-term rewards, the Bear Token will utilize transaction taxes to build a cross-chain treasury.

As the market finds a floor, the Bear Token treasury will be spent buying up tokens at rock-bottom prices. Investors will have the opportunity to decide which tokens will offer the best rewards over the coming year.

Once the bear token has stored up for the winter, the community will go into hibernation until winters’ end. We will have a Groundhog Day event to evaluate winters’ end and to vote on the correct date to unlock the treasury.

When the treasury is finally unlocked, all investments in the treasury will be converted to BUSD and distributed evenly amongst all Bear Token holders.

Buy Tax: 4% Treasury, 1% Marketing, 1% Liquidity

Sell Tax: 4% Burn, 4% Treasury, 2% Marketing, 2% Liquidity




Website: https://www.thebeartoken.com/overview

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BearToken3


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