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How AOK token ensures its security?

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A Summary of Development AOK safe security is seen as being more traditional and reliable than bitcoin's blockchain technology. Additionally, the PoS 3.0 consensus algorithm resolves the issue of the PoW pattern, which is the consensus method used by bitcoin, and adds to the sluggish transfer speed of bitcoins, guaranteeing a fast transfer speed of 20 to 1 minutes. Additionally, PoS 3.0 has a more secure and cost-effective block verification efficiency structure than bitcoin and Ethereum because to its use of the most advanced algorithm.

The UTXO payment method for bitcoin is used by UTXO AOK. Unspent Transaction Outputs, or UTXO, is an abbreviation. In contrast to the "Account Balance Model" of Ethereum, there is no account or balance. Instead, the coin's validity is checked by looking at the transaction's "Unused Output."

issuing things and doing things AOK is a unique token name that cannot be used by another issuer, and the project is owned by the first issuer to issue a token with that name. By developing new RPC calls that incorporate tokens into the QT wallet and offer token management can easily issue new asset tokens, inform balance, and send asset to other users, the issuer determines quantity issued, decimals (decimal), and whether more identical tokens can be issued in the future.

Transfer Charge The charge for transactions in the AOK mainnet network will be at least 0.0001 AOK and will fluctuate according on network congestion. Along with other block rewards used for that block, it is paid to the same node where the block was discovered.

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