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What exactly is the X World Games Token (XWG Token)?

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Before the launch of X World Games and its foray into blockchain gaming in 2017, It created "Belle Battle Musou," a mobile game for the Japanese market. This game grew in popularity to the point where it now has over 1 million active users.

Following the launch of the X World Games in 2018, the team has created over a hundred little online games for users to play on their mobile devices. It has extensive experience developing games for the mobile gaming market. Fernando, the founder of X World Games, has over a decade of expertise in financial institutions and a keen understanding of market trends.

Fernando's original focus was on investing in various blockchain and mobile game projects. Later, the idea of combining all fascinating (and popular) elements such as games, anime, nonfungible tokens, diversified finance, and the metaverse to create a blockchain-based gaming universe arose, and the gaming metaverse was born.

In 2019, X World Games began developing blockchain games based on the ACG style, which was heavily influenced by Japan. In 2021, it successfully completed its Genesis Sale and released its NFT TCG gaming project Dream Card. The introduction of Dream Card version 1 and version 2 followed soon after.




Currently, X World Games is working on creating and launching a massive platform for the Dream Card game series. A blockchain-based game sharing system, a marketplace focused on NFT exchanges, a cross-game protocol portal, and a fully equipped game production tool center will all be part of this platform.

By introducing new games and bringing on more original anime characters to the blockchain, X World Games will continue to enhance the gaming environment and community. The platform's strength remains in combining popular real-time games with solid token-based systems and guiding the user community toward complete DAO governance.

It's been a while since MEXC Global advertised the X World Games token, which is owned by the creators of the popular Dream Card Game! Join the MEXC Blog team to learn more about the GameFi project! The XWG Token team was founded in 2018 with the goal of creating a decentralized metaverse focused on PC and mobile gaming and profiting from it.

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