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What distinguishes BikeRush from the competition?

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BikeRush participants own NFTs in the form of riding gear, and they earn BRT and BST tokens in the real world, which they can swap for money. BikeRush's NFT riding equipment is critical if riders wish to gain BST. Distinct NFTs for riding equipment have different properties, and these attributes will have a direct impact on how players obtain tokens while riding.


BikeRush will collect a tiny tax from riders while they ride in order to purchase carbon-neutral credits on the blockchain, offering them a means to help reduce global warming. In some ways, it's a smart move to do a good job of bridging the interaction space between the real world and virtual reality while also allocating a portion of the earnings to climate change mitigation. This is, of course, a different story. Before BikeRush can deliver on its promise, it must strengthen the in-app BST donation system that is currently being developed.


BikeRush Token


The holders of the BRT governance token will vote on 100% of the profit ratio used to acquire carbon offset credits, effectively transforming BikeRush's objective into a shared mission of cycling players.

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