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Give Us 5 Suggestions And Earn $2.5


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  • Root Admin

A new contest today.

I like to make improvements to TopGold forum and i need your opinions.

First 4 members that will give us 5 suggestion to improve the forum will win. ( you can't have more than 2 suggestions that another member wrote)

Post also your LR account so I can pay.

P.S. Dont signup multiple accounts trying to cheat we will discover and ban you ;)

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1.I want more ChatBox forum

It helps I can chat with each other on this forum

2.and a list of hot topics and new topics are updated ... this is great for capturing fast intelligencer

3.add pet breeding game for each member

4 Add more emoticons ...in forum have only 7 emoticons

5.ref link for user

MY ACcLR :U9167770

I Hope you have a nice day

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You can iclude more suggestions.

And classify the get paid to section into various sub forum PTC,PTP etc .

And make it as a good PTP.

And I also would like to see some HYIP offer by the forum itself.

And you could start selling shares .

These are few of my suggestions.

My LR : U4544100

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Please added

Referral Deals section.

Member offer money other member for any action (signup under she/he)


I offer $ xxxxx for signup under me

You have GPT (Get Paid To) discussion section but not have

GPT (Get Paid To) paiment received

Is good added:

GPT discussion for promote new site, only one for new, ;

GPT paiment received for informed all members trust site.

One section for:

Everything Else

Ways of earning money that don't fall in any of the other categories.

One section for only Admin, example:

Share Your Website

If you have a website that you are the owner of then please share it with us here.

One secttion :

Exchange money

LR U1178997

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+I think the area of advertising ... not perfect forum should arrange the left and right of the forum, with moderate size

+quick links section (right) I see no need

+more emoticons

+add point fore every post in user




group member


point :21<------

jion XX -XX-XXXX

+ when i edit my reply plese add note revised by ...... at ....

EX: Edited by mantha July 1 2010 at 5:33 am

MY acc LR: U2112045

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I like to think more in each Sub

HYIP (High Yield Investments Program) Discussion

Auto surfs & Manual Surf Discussion

GPT (Get Paid To).

.. Etc. We Adding more class Scam / close in there Sup

We can know for any GPT site Scam or no Scam HYIP ...

or regulations should create additional Chu theard HYIP Scam ... or at the PTC for specific topics

MY LR:U2777900

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1. Advertise more on other forum.

2. Find active mods, members (I'll be the one)

3. More contest to attract members.

4. Place exchange banners.

5. Find more good sponsors.

I don't know if this contest is active, but I also want to say this.

LR: U1987255

Thank you for reading my post.

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Guest batuoclovemusic

1. Open contest .. who invited many members

2. add More Mod

3. Allow Post video .. this is very necessary because some Topic guided by video

4. This is paid to post forum? We should switch to paid to post

Expand Golden Week. 1reply = $ 0,035 1 theard = $ 0.04 (the maximum 10 per day)

Min pay 4$ For LR

5. Add the Search function identical theme .... Thus the members will not post identical thread

LR: U9378699

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  • 5 weeks later...

These Contests are open until the Admin. pays the winners... You have already put your answer in concita...

Would be really nice if some of you would just post your answer and WAIT until Dennis gets to payment process...

Posting anything but ONE answer per member, will just cause you a suspension of posting rights for a week...

So just answer the Contest question and Wait... for the winners to be announced...

Thank you,

skylady :)

Is open?

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  • 4 weeks later...

-i suggest the most important thing on all forums is to have a payment proof section on all types of transaction,

so other upcoming members would have the idea that they are in the right site which really pays

and has payment proofs.

-hire more moderators.

Strict Modertators Must be Taken so that this forum is Spamfree & All the threads would Run Smoothly.

-maybe a top poster contest but with strict rules where spam is immediately deleted and top poster each week or month wins a cash prize.

-Big contests with big prizes that go for a month are usually the best to go with they attract more members as the prizes are worth trying.

A contest could be a combination of small contests where each contest gives the winner points the member with the most points meaning winning the most contests wins the prize. This could last from a week to 1-3 months.

-and also how about Creating Twitter & FaceBook Fan Pages.

Today Twitter & FaceBook are Leading Social NetWorking sites in the World. Many of the Members have a lot of Friends in them . By Creating them, a lot of

Traffic Will Automatically come here.

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Unless the site has paid members LISTED and/or says closed


The Admin. and owner of Top Gold Forum, runs these Contests the way he wants to run them...

skylady wacko.gif

is this thread still open?

why is the admin not yet updating some threads here?

some threads should have been updated or at least the admin should post here

to give some info about the thread if he's still looking for more suggestions or what so ever..

Read the posts above you...

These contests are not for any posting, except to give your answer/s to the Contest...

You have a question as to whether it is still open, just read back through the posts and see if there is a Members Paid List...

That means it's closed...

Is this contest still open ?

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  • Root Admin

Ah, I think you found how to find more members, through Facebook right ?

I have one more idea.

I think our data is not really attracted. We must have more and more useful posts. Maybe a contest "make a post and win ${:content:}quot; might be useful.

I don't know if I can do anything to help TGF be better. :)


prisockorg Ofcourse you can do a lot of things to make TGF better. We are a team here.. So if you have any suggestions just let us know.. Yeah a contest about user making usefull posts is good. What posts you will like to read here on TGF, that will bring your interest ?!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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