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Now is the time for us to bless others and receive unlimited blessings

Rock Solid Lifetime Residual Income, and Rapid Abundance.

The Ultimate, never been done before, peer to peer exchange activity ,350,000 people in 65 countries successfully exchange over 2.5 million gifts in excess of a half a Billion dollars in the past 8 years, IT HAS BEEN IMPROVED IN NEW LAUNCH !

This is going to change a lot of people's lives.

There are many so called activities out there, but it is rare that one has the integrity

vision and technology to create something that has such incredible potential,

longevity, and solidity.

Now is the time for us to bless others

and receive unlimited blessings

in return.

The Perfect Gift Plan

can turn all your dreams,

into reality.


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The Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this activity legal?


Yes. Every country has laws that pertain to the act of exchanging gifts between individuals. These laws may differ from country to country, however, every person has the right by law to give freely of their own free will with no expectation of return.

Churches, civic groups and people from all walks of life have practiced and participated in organized gift exchange activities for hundreds if not thousands of years.

Q. How do I register to become a Participant in the Perfect Gift Plan?


Click on the navigation link Register anywhere within this site and complete the short personal information form, choose your gift level(s) click submit which will take you to a second page, check the boxes to ensure ALL the information is correct and click confirm.

NOTE: It is recommended that after you register you setup a Gmail account because many ISP's block mail they "suspect" of being SPAM .After you setup a Gmail account be sure to include all @perfectgiftplan.net emails as a friend.

Once you click confirm you will be required to pay your Software Licensing Fee, until this paid you will not have access to the Gift Administration Portal (GAP). You will have one or more choices to pay all of which are electronic.

Q. When can I access my private GAP?


Immediately upon paying your Software Licensing Fee. (SLF)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Until your gift(s) have been acknowledged as received you will only have limited access to your GAP, you will NOT be allowed to see your open or closed Receiving Centers nor can you see who is sending gifts or mark gifts received.

Q. I am trying to register and it won't accept my information. Why?


To protect the integrity of the Perfect Gift Plan we have disallowed certain duplications that include email addresses and phone numbers. So if you are trying to register you may be using an email or phone number already in use.

One other reason would be that you are entering an invalid Guest Key.

Q. I have paid but I still can't login?


On occasion we don't get a "ping" from the processor (who you paid), when that happens the PG System doesn't know you have made a payment and doesn't open your GAP.

In the event of that happening to you, we recommend two courses of action:

1. Pay again so you don't slow your progress AND send a copy of BOTH receipts to [email protected] to receive an overpayment refund.

2. Send a copy of your receipt to [email protected] so you can be manually Activated.

3. You may have forgotten your login info, if that is the case please submit your email address in the forgotten login info field and request it be sent to you.

NOTE: If you can't login, before paying again, ASK YOUR INVITER TO LOGIN TO THEIR GAP AND LOOK AT THEIR OPEN RECEIVING CENTERS, if they don't see you your registration did not go through and you still need to pay. If they can see you simply forgot your login info and need to get the right info to access your GAP.

Q. I forgot/misplaced my password - how can I login?


You may recover your User Name and Password by going to the Member Login Page. Once there, enter the CORRECT email address that you are using for your Activity in the Forgot Login Info box and an email will be immediately sent to that email address with your Password.

Q. What happens after I invite?


Several things:

1. After paying the SLF go to https://perfectgiftplan.net/members/index.php and login using the User Name and Password you choose during registration.

2. Once in your GAP click View Gifts To Send, that will tell you to whom you have decided to send your gift(s) of your own free will.

3. Immediately upon identifying who your beneficiaries are you must send your gift(s), they may be listed by the receivers' name, if not contact them and enquire as to how they wish to receive their gift.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will not be placed in a Receiving Center until after you pay the SLF.

Q. After I choose to participate how long do I have to send my gift(s) to the beneficiaries?


You MUST be prepared to send the gift(s) you have selected to the beneficiary immediately. If you don't have it to send immediately don't register to send that gift(s). Your failure to send your gift WILL result in your PERMANENT REMOVAL from the PERFECT GIFT PLAN activity.

Q. What do I do next?


SHARE, upon registering you are immediately given your own personal Guest Key, use it to invite people to your site so they can make an educated decision to join you, you can also invite them to listen to one of our many live or recorded calls. There are other methods that people use to share the Perfect Gift Plan that you will learn after registering.

Q. What is my Guest Key?


Everyone who registers in Perfect Gift Plan receives their own Personal Guest Key, this is what you give to others you wish to review and/or participate in this great activity with you. This identifies you as the inviter and ensures you receive the credit for inviting that person should they decide to join you.

Q. Do I get a replicated site?


Yes, after registering you will receive a Guest Key, which will also be your site name for example 1234.perfectgiftplan.net and you can also give that out to invitees because that will personalize their visit with your name.

Q. Do I need to wait until my Receiving Center is complete to receive gifts?


No. As soon as a participant appears in any open Gift Center in you're your Receiving Center the PG system tells that person to send a gift to you, the amount you receive will be 50% of that gift level.

Q. Do I receive gifts from all Gift Centers in my Receiving Center?


Yes. You receive a gift from each and EVERY Gift Center in the amount of 50% of the total gift amount.

Q. What happens after my Receiving Center is filled?


Upon completing a Receiving Center your are automatically reentered in your inviters current or open Receiving Center in their first available Gift Center going from left to right top to bottom for that level. E.g. if you have just completed a $50 Receiving Center you are placed in your inviters current $50 Receiving Center. The Receiving Center you just completed is then place in your closed Receiving Centers so that you will always have a complete history of your activity. This occurs each and every time you complete a Receiving Center.

Upon Reentry the PG System will also instruct you to send another gift(s).

Q. Do I have to reenter?


Yes, this is an automatic process and occurs every time you complete a Receiving Center.

Q. Do I always Follow my inviter?


Yes. Every time cycle you are automatically reentered inyour inviter's current Receiving Center to help them to cycle again again. There is one exception, that being if your Inviter is not Active for any reason.

Q. Why are there 5 levels and must I gift in all of them?


There are many types of givers each with their own giving preferences. Therefore, the PG System has 5 levels of participation; $50, $125, $250, $500 and $1,000. It is entirely a choice you make of your own free will which level or levels you decide to participate in. All levels are denominated in US currency.

Q. Can I begin on all 5 levels upon deciding to participate?


No. To protect you and the Activity, you can only begin at the $50, $125 and $250 giving levels, however, once those gifts have been marked received you can without further delay move to the $500 and $1,000 levels.

NOTE: Only pledge on gift levels you can immediately honor, otherwise you risk permanent removal from the Perfect Gift Plan.

Q. Is there a genealogical relationship between the 5 levels?


Yes! Absolutely, as you and your team decide to move to higher levels each participant is Guess Keyed to their inviter so you follow your and your team follows you.

Q. What happens if a person I invite decides to go to a higher level before me?


Unlike other situations you may have encountered, this is a GOOD OCCURANCE in the PG System because all personally invited teammates and the people they invite are STILL part of you because when you decide to go to a higher Receiving Level they will Follow You upon their next cycle and fall back under you.

They are building a team for you in the higher Receiving Levels, you will have a team both above and below you upon your arrival!

Q. Are there any requirements to Participate after I pay the SLF and send my gift(s)?


No. However, should you cycle prior to personally inviting 2 participants you will not be reentered in another Receiving Center. Once you have personally invited 2 you will be placed back into your inviters current or open Receiving Center.

Q. I have heard this system is automated?


That is correct, the entire activity and the PG System are preprogrammed to function independently with no human intervention the only processes not automated are the pledging, sending and receiving of gifts.

Q. If I only registered on level 1 can I gift into the higher levels later?


Yes. After choosing, sending and having your original gift(s) received you may manually progress to the next level if you choose. It is your choice and there is no automatic progression to higher levels.

Q. Do I have to invite guest or invite people before I receive gifts?


No. However, if your Receiving Center completes prior to you registering two or more guests a new Receiving Center will not open for you. Once you have two personally invited guests a new Receiving Center will automatically open in your inviters current Receiving Center allowing you to once again receive gifts.

Base your decision wisely on whether or not you wish to adhere to these 3 verbs; Giving, Sharing and Receiving.

Perfect GIFT Plan, Gaining Independence Forever Together!

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