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Trends in cryptocurrencies in 2022

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If you thought 2021 was a great year for cryptocurrencies, 2022 is going to be even more eventful as far as the crypto market is concerned. Let’s look at the probable trends to follow in 2022, and gauge the investment possibilities. 


A must-read for the cryptocurrency community-

Crypto ETFs may go mainstream

The approval of the Bitcoin futures ETF was groundbreaking. Futures ETF is nothing but a bundle of all future contracts in one price, where you can effectively buy or sell bitcoin at a set price in the future. You aren’t actually trading anything here. You just speculate the prices in the future. The regulators in the United States have approved the bitcoin futures ETF. The hope is that they may also approve the spot ETF. This would make it possible for people to directly invest or trade in bitcoin or other currencies without having to go on to any crypto exchanges. The emergence of spot ETFs in cryptos could open up the floodgates to a huge surge in investment.Will Metaverse coins go to the moon?

In the past few months, the metaverse has gone from a fringe concept to mainstream. The price of metaverse coins has rocketed since the announcement by Mark Zuckerberg. These coins have one thing in common- they are all linked to games that are leading the way of what the metaverse could become. Decentraland for example has over 100,000 players globally who can all buy and sell lands in this virtual space through its own metaverse coin called MANA. All of it is decentralized. It runs on blockchain and nobody owns it. 


Did you know? The market value of the metaverse is predicted to be over 800 billion dollars by 2025.

Next-generation of stable coins.

As cryptocurrencies are young & we can see a new cryptocurrency quite often, they are also pretty volatile. For all of us who’ve invested or traded cryptos, know this by now. Cryptos come with massive ups and downs. But stable coins are different. They are cryptocurrencies but as the name suggests, they are stable in nature. This is because they are backed by other real-world assets like the USD. So in times of economic volatility and fluctuations, stable coins have proved to be a much more solid store of value. Some stable coins have grown up to 300% in 2021. These coins however are not decentralized. Their reserves are controlled by people or companies and there’s no way of knowing where this money is being held or invested. In the year ahead we may see some challenges to the stable coins. These might be coins that are algorithmically pegged that are fully decentralized.

Regulations that could stifle growth

Rapidly growing innovations always come with a call for greater regulation. Cryptocurrencies are no different. It is becoming too big to ignore. The governments will be finding ways to regulate the market as far as possible. China, Columbia, and India are some of the countries that have already regulated cryptocurrencies or are on their way to increasing the regulations. In the year ahead, more countries might join the club. In bigger markets like North America and Europe, we are likely to see regulation that restricts user privacy and impose higher taxes on crypto. This has the potential to significantly slow down crypto’s short-term growth.

Could Bitcoin and Ethereum double in price?

This has been the biggest and the most mainstream topic to look forward to in the year ahead. This could be a big test for the leading cryptos. If inflations continue in the coming months, chances of investors turning to Bitcoin and Ethereum as hedges are pretty high. Higher inflation is spreading around the world. It looks set to be the defining economic story for the months to come. There’s a chance that cryptos, especially Bitcoin, would benefit from this.  

To conclude, crypto treding was fun & will be more this year provided you have the right knowledge. 

Happy Crypto! 

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Cryptocurreny Development  Solutions and services are playing a big part in the banking business now that the conflict is over.

This year, the most popular cryptocurrency, bitcoin, has seen a lot of price volatility. Newcomers like Solana are putting pressure on the larger cryptocurrencies.

The top ten cryptocurrencies that will erupt in March 2022 are listed below.

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Solana
  3. Ethereum
  4. Binance Coin
  5. Tether
  6. Avalanche
  7. Axie Infinity
  8. Samoyedcoin
  9. Fetch.ai
  10. USD
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Development of fractional reserve banking and off-chain credit scoring systems will be one of the trends to watch in 2022 as well. Blockchain games also look prominent as traded volumes across platforms like Axie Infinity, Alien Worlds, Splinterlands and Upland significantly increased. 

Try bsc coins to find newly listed coins. Because its crawling every new added block to BSC (Binance Smart Chain) for new created contracts. As soon as its find a new created contract, the new coin will be posted on bsc website with all available information extracted from the block.


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The best metaverse games I have come across so far are Sandbox, Illuvium, and Chain of Alliance. I have heard about others also but never really got a chance to try my hands at them. Would love to know what others have been immersed into?

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