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Quick Tips To Avoid Failure In Crypto Wallet Development?

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Non-Fungible Token(NFTs) are Ethereum tokens with unique contract values that can not be interchanged or used as a medium of exchange. These are individual virtual or physical assets that are tokenized with the sole purpose of preserving ownership rights. NFTs are indivisible, unique, and limited in supply!

For instance, a piece of artwork can be tokenized as NFT. This unique artwork ownership can be transferred but not divided. As the ownership transfers are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain ledger, the NFTs are immutable and completely secure. 

Now, to make the ideology behind NFT more clear, we should understand fungible tokens!

Fungible tokens are the ones that can be exchanged with the same kind of equivalent asset. In the Ethereum blockchain network, the fungible tokens are built on ERC-20 standard. Our fiat or cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, XRP, USDT can be used as a medium of exchange for the same kind of asset. You can purchase a BTC for equivalent fiat or fiat for BTC, whereas the NFT’s are not these types of assets. 

NFTs are one-of-a-kind digital or physical assets that are immutable and not interchangeable. NFTs can be completely owned only by a single person or authority at a time. These tokens are built with ERC-721 token standards. Let’s dive into the basic token variation of FTs and NFTs to get a clear perspective!
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Top Features and Functionalities to Build High-Quality Wallets

Appealing User Interface

Wallets need to be built with a smart, easy-to-use interface that could help users to navigate easily. It will help you grasp the information shown in the wallet and start trading based on that. You can have a stress-free, streamlined, and satisfying trading experience.

Smart Trading Engine

Next, the important thing is to concentrate on trading facilities. Make sure that the auction mechanism is efficient to enable hassle-free transactions. With this, you can get complete satisfaction and excitement to perform successful consequent transactions.

Multi-Layer Security Features

Security is paramount to consider while developing new wallets. To build reliable wallets, you should choose the right partner company for accessing high-quality services. Ensure that the company has good experience in wallet development and its security implementations i.e., the right company can give you fine security setups to enable secure wallet transactions.

Significant security features that needs to implement are,

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Cold wallet security
  • Email & OTP verification
  • Anti-phishing software
  • Log tracking and analysis
  • Key Management Server Implementations    

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