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The BAT of website Interaction

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MFTV is a utility token project that incentivizes web traffic via an API. this API will be open source and free to place on the backend of any website!

The Media Fire Token is a project where the API tied to the token can be embedded on any website for any company. Any website that has a user account set up can utilize the API to directly give a token to its users. The token intention is to help promote website exposure and general public interest. The more the interactive users sign up or interact with the website the more tokens or fractional tokens they can receive as a result of interaction with this free commercial API. The API ownership will not be owned by any one company but instead released to the public and able to be used alongside wallets and exchanges such as Gemini and the like.Β 

Currently, the project is being worked on by Mark2media Group LLC and the API will be available in Q1 or Q2 2022 for ALL website owners as a free promotional Option.

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