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[NIFTSY] ENVELOP - envelop.is

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Envelop is cross-chain liquidity solution, providing NFTs with adjustable dynamic economics, anti-fraud and hedging systems for various market sectors.

The Envelop Project as a whole acts as:

  • A cross-chain aggregator of liquidity wrapped in NFT of any order;
  • A formalizer for valuation of assets within NFTs of any level of complexity;
  • An automatic anti-fraud system for the NFT market and related industries;

In doing so, the Protocol:

  • Helps rotate and unwrap assets;
  • Templates the NFT creation process for platforms (marketplaces, exchanges, etc.);
  • Sets a minimum valuation for NFT at the expense of the accumulator.

Oracle in turn:

  • Creates a scoring system - initial valuation of assets through open data analysis;
  • Applies as a classical and/or AI-anti-fraud system, which allows each market participant to manage risk;
  • Systematises all positive and negative patterns in the use of NFT of any order.


  • Becomes one of the first decentralised and collateralised simultaneously market indices for NFT and related assets (synthetic, among others);
  • Acts as a selling instrument and the initial unit of exchange;
  • Verifies Oracle data, preventing manipulation by misrepresentation of information by participants.

Besides these elements, there is Token NIFTSY, which acts as their link: herewith, all three elements (Protocol, Oracle, Index) can be used without Token - independently, but it adds unique functionality to Envelop DAO:

  • Participation in royalty payments to any actor (subject, script, AI, etc.): payment on any complex transactions in the subject-object model wrap/unwrap mechanics: dynamic part of drive, transaction processing.
  • Second- and subsequent-order NFT cross-chain exchange: functions - discount and netting rate.
  • Unification of token standards through a single wrapper format.
  • Tool for simplification and objectification of derivatives: valuation through turnover / pledge analysis of any tokens.
  • Token bonus model in the development of the Project ecosystem: airprops, bounty programmes, etc.
  • Token is thus a primitive cross-chain transfer mechanism for NFT wrapped assets (liquidity) and serves to reduce transaction costs.

Use case
Creators can set their parameters for the NFT, including the collateral and royalties
Holders will get a better guarantee of the NFT’s growing price value
Traders get a faster execution of trades
Games. The opportunity to recieve royalties, to throw different tokens or objects into collateral, or to rent objects. Greater functionality of characters and artifacts.
Metaverses. The universe itself will be able to set up royalties. Users can create cases themselves, further expanding the metaverse.
Marketplaces. The ability to receive royalties from wrapped NFTs and to sell NFTs at a higher price. New functionality for the users.


  • Top-10 at Binance Russia Hackathon. 55 teams took part in the hackathon. ENVELOP was acknowledged as top 3 project and took part in a private presentation to Binance Global.
  • At Binance Hackathon Russia 2021, ENVELOP was given a grant by Rarible in the category «MVP functionality». The grant was awarded on 27.04.2021.
  • Polygon gave a grant to ENVELOP for the implementation of the ENVELOP protocol to the Polygon network. The grant was awarded on 25.06.2021.

Partners: waterdrip, ldcap, carbon.blue, autonomycapital, moonrockcapital, gate.io, ybb.io, au21.capital, zb.com, novaglobal, innmind, iber.group, aex.com, nftstars, capscoin, oortdigital.tech, cgc.one, wowsummit, artwallet, dotoracle.network, deathroad.io, barter.company, blocsport.one, purefi.io,  picipo

Token symbol: NIFTSY
Max supply: 500 000 000 tokens
Initial circulation supply: 28 000 000 tokens
Token type: ERC 20
Smart contract address: 0x7728cd70b3dD86210e2bd321437F448231B81733 
Token allocation (percentages) and Unlock Method:
18%  Contributors (seed)
27%  Contributors (private A, B)
4%  Family and Friends
12% Team and Advisors
5% Partnerships
4% Marketing (Bounty, airdrops etc.)
2% Crowd investors
17% Ecosystem
10% Project Pool (liquidity)
1% Reserve

Claimable on smart-contract (Seed and Private A,B contributors)
Unlock schedule: 10% (ten) will be unlocked on TGE/IDO, then 10% (ten) in 2 (two) months after TGE/IDO, 10% (ten) in 4 (four)  months after TGE/IDO, then 15% (fifteen) in 7 (seven) and 15% (fifteen) in 10 (ten) moths after TGE/IDO, then 20% (twenty) in 13 (thirteen) and 16 (sixteen) months  from the date of TGE/IDO.

ENVELOP will launch its IDO on Scaleswap on October 21st at 10amUTC/6pm HKT



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ENVELOP announced that it has secured investments from Animoca Brands, the global leader in blockchain gaming and NFTs. This cooperation will allow ENVELOP to collaborate with certain of Animoca Brands’ subsidiaries, projects, and partners to release NFTs with expanded functionality that will set them apart from most other offerings in the rapidly evolving industry.

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ENVELOP listed on

1⃣ UNISWAP https://app.uniswap.org/#/pool/144069
2⃣ QUICKSWAP https://info.quickswap.exchange/pair/0x67d40983fc25d34d788000f7d028f356f130b072
3⃣ PANCAKESWAP https://pancakeswap.finance/info/pool/0xc40a60bf66f7718d2a058f648bcbbabd1ee08125

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Oort Digital, a DeFi + GameFi/Metaverse project to add functionalities on top of your NFTs, has officially announced a partnership with Envelop, an NFT cross-chain and wrapping protocol aimed at building an NFT collateral-free leasing APP to provide a better play-to-earn and Metaverse experience for both game players and NFT owners.

Oort Digital has already launched an NFT overcollateralized leasing APP. Under the overcollateralized leasing mechanism, when the borrowers borrow NFTs from the lenders, the NFTs go directly into the borrowers’ wallet, which gives the borrowers complete ownership of the NFTs, and they can choose not to return them. To mitigate the risk of losing their NFTs, lenders have to set high collaterals, which discourage borrowers from borrowing.
With Envelop’s wrapping technology, the borrowers don’t need to provide any collateral because the original NFTs will be wrapped into wNFTs that go into the borrowers’ wallets with a time lock. When the lease term expires, the original NFTs will be released from the wNFTs and returned to the lenders.
What’s more, borrowers can choose to borrow a particular usage of the original NFT (usage 1, usage 2, usage 3 etc.) instead of the full usage. In other words, we can now create derivatives on top of the underlying/original NFTs.
By cooperating with Envelop, we can achieve collateral-free leasing for some NFTs, significantly reducing the borrowing costs for the borrower while minimizing the leasing risk faced by the lender. By adding application laters (games, DeFi, Metaverse) on top of Envelop and letting Envelop protocol become the backbone of the Oort Universe, we will also create more value to accelerate wider adoption of Envelop’s protocol across the globe.


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Envelop enters into a technical partnership agreement with LOTTRADE

Envelop is proud to announce that it has entered into a mutually beneficial partnership with Lottrade, the DAO governed tournament platform for amateur and professional traders.
This partnership is aimed at Envelop helping LOTTRADE to carry out a presale and implement new exciting features that will make their NFTs economically valuable and offer new possibilities to the users. This event will become the debut opportunity for future LOT holders, where they will be able to purchase wNFTs with LOT tokens inside before the IDO.
Envelop will give LOTTRADE the automated smart contract that will allow them to wrap batches of NFTs and give them new functionality such as economic set-up, on-chain royalties, rental mechanism, time/value/event-locks, protection of devaluation, and anti-fraud system.

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