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Space Pirate Trainer DX: Update for Quest now allows large-scale multiplayer

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A multiplayer computer game is a video game in which greater than one individual can play in the same video game atmosphere at the very same time, either locally (e.g. Brand-new Super Mario Bros. Wii) or online (e.g. Wow, Telephone Call Of Duty). Multiplayer games usually require players to share a single game system or use networking innovation to play with each other over a better range; players might compete against several human entrants, job cooperatively with a human partner to accomplish a typical goal, or manage other players' activity. As a result of multiplayer video games permitting players to interact with other individuals, they offer an element of social interaction lacking from single-player games.

Update of 10 September 2021, 10:27 clock:

Meanwhile, the YouTube channel Virtual Reality Oasis has created a virtual (and pretty enthusiastic) report on a tennis court, which introduces the new laser day-like mode in the game Space Pirate Trainer DX from I-Illusions. For this purpose, two quest 2 headsets were initially connected via smartphone hotspot via WiFi (the quest 1 is also compatible).

After drawing the playing field of ten times ten meters and a short calibration, the players with their own legs run through the virtual labyrinth of ten times ten meters, shoot each other in short matches, shot bounce up with a shield or build new cards together (Unfortunately in just three store slots).

Arena mode has been available in the Quest Store since yesterday's Thursday, September 9th - as an update for Space Pirate Trainer DX (more detailed price and modes details below, there are also single-player variants with drones).

Original message from August 26 2021, 16:02 clock:

Developer I-Illusions has been tinkering with the Oculus Quest for a long time, in which the participants walk around on a spacious real, ten times ten meters of playing field - almost like the real laser day! In the Oculus blog, it was announced that these novel multiplayer matches will not appear as a separate game, but as an update for the classic Space Pirate coach (to the test).

The update will appear on Thursday, September 9 only for standalone, wireless oculus quest headsets (1 and 2) for the price of $ 24.99. Owner of the original get the update for free. So if you strike before, comes ultimately cheaper in the enjoyment of the overall package (currently 14.99 euros).

A lot of space is needed for the hot expected mode Arena : Ten times ten meters are duty - e.g. in the sports hall or on a tennis court half. As Mixed.de reports, the mode can be started online as well as colobed - that is in the same room, while the headsets grasp each other with a new type of tracking. During the shooting change a warning system should help you not bounce up with the enemy. For the Match you can choose from five different designed locations - or you build your own arenas in the editor. Mixed.de explains:

According to Ars Technica, the coloced multiplayer runs on the basis of a P2P network developed by Facebook specifically for Oculus Quest. The concrete tracking solution itself comes from the Belgian VR Studio I-Illusion.

Sooo ... We're Going to Launch Arena Soon! Short Thread SPTDX (1/6) pic.twitter.com/sorfq766f8

  • Dirk van Welden (@quarkcannon) August 12, 2021

Endless Space 2 - Multiplayer collaboration #1 - part 1

Incidentally, for persons with little space is another new multiplayer variant in the update: it is a modification of the classic game, whose principle is reminiscent of the Tetris multiplayer. Here you do not send the connected teammate no disturbing blocks over, but attacking droids. So you should only shoot the opponents of the matching color so that you are not attacked by even more sheet metal armies. The surviving player finally wins. Who wants, can also start this mode in the same real space as the teammate, so you can see each other in the virtual world.

Last updated video: Teasertrailer

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