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Be a member of Baby Doge Shiba Inus

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Dear community,
To create a brilliant ecosystem on a meme cryptocurrency platform, Baby Doge Shiba INUS is excited to announce HIRING POSITIONS around the world.

Having 3 positions with the flexibility to work from home.




If you feel suitable one of three positions, you submit CV to us through [email protected]

Are you up for a challenge?

Join us!



General Information

Salary range: $1000 ++ US /Month

Position: Full-time


1. US — UK






Time-zone preference: Any

Job Description

Manage the group in your area,
Assign tasks that match each member’s abilities and motivations to take on a key role in the community of your area.

Motivate team members, build plans to develop the community, and attract potential members to the group.

Provide solutions to build community and bring the best benefit to Baby Doge Shiba INUS


Minimum 3 years of relevant experience in content marketing, preferably in the crypto/payments/tech industry.

Excellent command of English language and grammar.

Comes with a successful track record in leading content strategy and its brand direction

Incumbent comes a flair for creative copywriting & storytelling.
Able to work confidently in a rapidly changing, fast-paced, and results-oriented environment where a high degree of flexibility is required.

2. Admin

Salary: $ 500+++ /month

Job Description

Administer, control the operation process and optimize the community in the group that develops the group in the region better and brings the best benefits to Baby Doge Shiba INUS.

3. Supporter

Salary: $ 300++/month

Job Description

Take care and support team members in the assigned area.
Provide necessary information and answer questions for each team member.
Be responsible for the content and information to each member of the regional group.

Promote community development in the group so that creates a global Baby Doge Shiba INUS community that brings benefits and contributes to building a healthy and sustainable decentralized financial environment.

How to apply

Email [email protected] with your CV

#BabyDogeShibaINUS #BabyDogeShibaInusBSC#FamilyElonMusk#SHIBAINU #BinanceSmartChain


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⤴️-Paid Ad- TGF verify and approve but does NOT endorse the products advertised. 🔥 Advertise here.🔥

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