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Tell us your favorite Crypto Payments Solution

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We take nomination for cryptocurrency payment solutions (payment processors, debit card providers) that will enter in the TGF 2021 Awards - Best Crypto Payment Solution.

Post here your favorite cryptocurrency payment solution!

(Feel free to nominate your own company or the company you are working for)

  • We take nomination for one month till September 25.
  • From September 25 till October 1 we will select the first 10 nominees (based on the number of nominations) and organize the voting process for each category award.
  • From October 2 till November 25 people will be able to VOTE for their favorite companies.
  • On December 5 we will offer the awards to the winning companies.

Also all the users that voted will participate in a raffle with prizes from the organizer (Top Gold Forum) and its sponsors.

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One of the most used crypto payment processors, Coinbase is a popular means of Bitcoin business transactions. One can download the Coinbase app meant for merchants and start using it for receiving instant crypto payments. The fast crypto-to-fiat payment conversion by Coinbase makes it one of those payment gateways that provide high security against price volatility. Coinbase has high compatibility with almost all of the popular eCommerce CMS platforms. Some of the high-value European markets, such as Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, etc., are among the countries that use Coinbase the most. Its fees start from 0,5% plus a flat fee.

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⤴️-Paid Ad- TGF does not endorse any products advertised. 🔥 Advertise here.🔥

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