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[FCF] French Connection - frenchconnection.finance

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I'm looking for somthing and got this email.


its a fair launch on the 19th of august, NO ICO NO PRESALE just a fairlaunch.
its a dividend token, you buy and hold and get BNB everyday for holding.
we want to create an ecosystem and disrupt the De-FI world.
Deflationary tokens are a thing of the past, why would you invest your hard earned money into a De-fi Project who rewards you with micro fractions of pennies in their own cryptocurrency? We believe that every investor shouldn't have to spend their day looking at BSC charts while hoping their investments goes up. We want our investors to be automatically rewarded daily with high percentage dividends that gets compounded every time! This is truly the only and the most disruptive token that rewards true holders every day!
Hold the French connection token and get rewarded every 24hours in BNB!

And these are their contact:

Anyone know about this? 

Thanks in advance.
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