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MinePlex.io News Thread

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Launch of the Marketplace and the new MinePlex tool

We are pleased to announce the opening of the MinePlex marketplace (https://mineplex.market/). 

Marketplace is an online trading platform where a user can buy any product for PLEX tokens. Gadgets and top-end electronics are widely represented.

A new MinePlex tool will be available on the site - commodity staking. This means that now you can buy the selected product with only a part of its cost. The rest of the MinePlex will earn for you. 

How to use commodity staking?
1. Choose a product.
2. Deposit a part of its value in PLEX tokens.
3. Wait for the end of the staking period and pick up the goods.

3 benefits of commodity staking:
Purchase of goods for any part of its value
No need to take out loans for the purchase of goods
Staking is part of the MinePlex blockchain. It is reliable and safe.


Welcome to shop in the MinePlex Market for PLEX tokens!


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Who needs digital wallets?

Digital wallets are one of the trends of the next 5 years according to PWC. Wallets allow you to make payment transactions, store funds, access cards and accounts in a mobile phone.

The trend is evidenced by the growth of:
investments of large technology companies and, for example, AliPay, in the world's leading payment technologies,
investments of banks and card companies in the development of digital wallets to create large-scale payment platforms,
downloads of Apple Pay, Google Pay, WeChat Pay, Alipay,
transactions based on invoices and QR codes,
using a smartphone in communication services.

According to a report by the financial services technology group FIS, 50% of payments in the e-commerce industry will be accounted for by digital wallets by 2024.

You can download MinePlex Wallet on Google Play right now to:
Create wallets,
Securely store and manage MINE and PLEX tokens,
Send MINE tokens to the Pool to generate PLEX tokens

No registration is required on the main site mineplex.io

Download: Mineplex Wallet

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Dear users!

️Our security service has revealed the facts of fraudulent actions in the process of replenishing personal accounts.

️We found all the scammers, they were punished, and the funds were returned to their rightful owners.

⚙️Now we are carrying out a large amount of technical work to improve the security of your funds and prevent fraudulent actions in the future. At the moment, the add balance button does not work.

In case of detection of suspicious actions that may affect the interests of both MinePlex Banking users and the company itself, the company's management reserves the right to take the most severe sanctions against violators, up to a complete account lock.

Your safety and security of funds is the most important rule of the project. We will definitely inform you about the completion of technical work and the elimination of all shortcomings later. Follow the news!

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"Cryptocurrency cannot be destroyed"
Interview with the co-founder of MinePlex

MinePlex co-founder Alexander Mamasidikov gave a great interview to the world's leading news portals Newsbtc and Coinspeaker. Answered the questions:
- Why do states prohibit cryptocurrency?
- Will the cryptocurrency replace fiat?
- Will the CBDC destroy the crypt?
And much more.

Read along with millions of users!

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CrossFi Businesses That Are Changing The Finance Industry Now

Global media portals Yahoo Finance, which ranks 6th among news media, and Benzinga published a list of “the most successful CrossFi solutions that are ideal for everyday use”. MinePlex entered the top 3 companies along with Revolut and Wirex.

In the article about:
What is CrossFi?
What is the difference between each of the companies
How does blockchain and financial services combine in projects?

Join us!

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5 facts about online shopping

Online shopping has become an integral part of life. They are chosen to save time and money, they are more convenient and faster. According to the latest research by Statista, last year the e-commerce industry accounted for 18% of the total retail market. We have selected 5 more interesting data:

2.14 billion people buy goods and services online in 2021.
Every fourth purchase will be made online by 2024.
India is the fastest growing e-commerce market.
Smartphone is the most popular ordering method in Asia.
PayPal is the most preferred payment method among buyers (40%), credit cards are in second place (31%).

MinePlex has opened its own online store where you can spend PLEX. Or buy the selected product without getting into a loan, even if it is not enough to pay the entire amount of the product. Read how it works and why it is safe on our website.

Welcome to the world of online shopping for cryptocurrency!

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Ten lessons learned from failures according to Forbes

The global media company Forbes, whose news portals are read by more than 140 million people every month, has compiled a list of ten real lessons learned from failures that are designed to help everyone become better.

MinePlex Co-Founder Alexander Mamasidikov and other leaders of the largest companies shared their business stories of ups and downs.

Read with us!

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MinePlex in the Top digital financial companies of 2021 according to the Seeking Alpha version

Seeking Alpha, the world's largest investor community, whose platforms are visited by more than 20 million users every month, has published a list of Top Digital Finance Companies To Look At In 2021.

MinePlex entered the TOP financial companies, along with PayPal, Wallyt and Xendit. Innovations in payment services and digitalization of the system are designed, according to experts, "breaking the boundaries between the world of cryptography and traditional finance".

Top Digital Finance Companies To Look At In 2021

Read with us!

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3 places to spend cryptocurrency right now

Cryptocurrency has not yet become commonplace. However, the giants are thinking about including it as a payment for services. According to statistics, a large percentage of companies that accept cryptocurrency are hotels and electronics stores.

But while Tesla, PayPal and Visa promise, we want to show 3 platforms where you can buy goods or services for tokens right now:

Pavilions Hotels & Resorts

A series of luxury hotels and apartments in popular tourist destinations in Asia and Europe. The first global group of boutique hotels that uses cryptocurrency from any country to book hotels. Their goal was to ensure the security, flexibility and simplicity of payment services. 40 cryptocurrencies are accepted for payment.

“We are proud to lead the industry and strengthen ourselves in the digital world with this exciting new method of crypto payments, available in all our unique and excellent hotels and resorts around the world", Gordon Oldham, Founder and Owner, The Pavilions Hotels & Resorts.


A universal insurance company that was the first to introduce cryptocurrency into its payment services. The method is available from the beginning of April. Premiums for all products, with the exception of life insurance, can be paid with bitcoins.

"This is AXA's response to the growing demand from its customers for alternative payment solutions, in which new technologies are playing an increasingly important role", Claudia Bienentro, Head of Open Innovation at AXA Switzerland.

MinePlex Marketplace

A large selection of gadgets and electronics. An online platform where you can buy any product for PLEX tokens without conversions and exchangers. The first lucky ones have already managed to get their goods. A unique commodity staking tool works on the platform. Without getting into a loan, you get the product for a part of its cost. The rest of the MinePlex will earn for you! PLEX can be bought right now on the STEX, BitZ, Bibox, ATAIX exchanges.

“Our company works at the intersection of traditional and crypto-finance. In fact, MinePlex allows you to quickly convert fiat currencies into cryptocurrency and vice versa. This principle is just implemented on the basis of the marketplace”, Alexander Mamasidikov, Co-founder of MinePlex Banking

Buy a phone, go on a trip, insure a house... A world where cryptocurrency is already a part of payment systems today. And what would you like to buy with cryptocurrency?

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MinePlex Birthday Event in Dubai

On September 25, MinePlex will celebrate one year since the launch of the project in Dubai.

We want to share this event with you - those who believed in the project from the first day, who joined recently, and who have been following together with us for a long time towards a common goal: to make the world of blockchain real!

We have prepared a rich program for you, where there will be:

Business conference and networking with project leaders,
Presentation of MinePlex 2.0-a product that the market has been waiting for for a long time,
Gala dinner at the luxurious five-star The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai International Financial Center, overlooking the very center of Dubai.

Join us – it will be wow!

You can buy tickets right now: MINEPLEX BIRTHDAY EVENT

There are always people behind the project. We will be glad to meet with each of you! See you!

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Why the PLEX price fell by 0.7%, or how pools work in MinePlex

Yesterday we saw that the PLEX price fell by almost 0.7%. The value of the PLEX token can decrease only when the total number of MINE tokens involved in its production (steak) decreases. We will discuss why this happened, and what it is connected with.

What is decentralization?

Blockchain technology is decentralized. There is no single server responsible for monitoring and coordination. The operation of the blockchain is provided by many servers (nodes). If one of the servers exits , the work of the blockchain does not stop.

Nodes are constantly synchronized and make a joint decision about the validity of a particular transaction. The synchronization process is called consensus. It is the nodes that create and confirm blocks after reaching a consensus and receive rewards for this.

Why are there pools in MinePlex, and what is it?

In the MinePlex blockchain, nodes are called pools. They use the LPoS (Liquid Proof of Stake) consensus protocol. With LPoS, each pool that has at least 1,000,000 MINES participates in the creation and confirmation of blocks and receives a reward in the form of PLEX tokens for this.

3 months ago, we started working on the decentralization of our blockchain, namely, to increase the number of pools. The more pools there are, the safer and more reliable the operation of the blockchain is. At the moment, we have 47 active pools. 16 of them are user-generated (34%).

Why has the PLEX price decreased?

One of the user pools had problems working, so it was disabled. All the MINE tokens that were in it stopped participating in the PLEX mining process.

On the 324 cycle (the day before yesterday), the MINE steak was 4,456,412,640, on the 325 cycle (yesterday), this indicator decreased by 31,350,240 ($313,502. 40) and amounted to 4,425,062,400. This led to a 0.7% drop in the PLEX price.

The team of this pool reacted very quickly, restored the operation of the pool and returned all the MINE tokens to work. This will be evidenced by a sharp increase in the PLEX rate on the 329 cycle.

MinePlex continues to work on decentralization. Our goal is 131 pools by the fall of 2022. We thank our team and the community for their active work. Together we create the history of the project. Follow the news!

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Why It’s Important To Educate Your Clients (And 3 Easy Tips For Making It Happen)

In a new article by one of the world's leading media companies Forbes, Alexander Mamasidikov, Co-founder of MinePlex, took part in a discussion of the need for customer training.

Read about:
what is the difference between marketing and training,
how to form customer loyalty,
effective tools for training.

Why It’s Important To Educate Your Clients (And 3 Easy Tips For Making It Happen)

Join millions of Forbes readers!

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PLEX trading on BitMart

The listing of the PLEX token on the world's leading BitMart crypto exchange began today. The following pairs are available: PLEX/BTC and PLEX/USDT.

From August 28, it will be possible to withdraw funds.

BitMart is a global platform for trading digital assets, one of the top 15 crypto exchanges of CoinGecko:
- 5 million users worldwide,
- 760,000 daily active users,
- the exchange's mobile application takes the 5th place in the rating of Top financial downloads,
- 430 trading pairs.

Bitmart PLEX/BTC


BitMart Lists MinePlex Banking (PLEX)

Join us!

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Coingecko started counting the market capitalization of the PLEX token:
CoinGecko PLEX

Market capitalization is an important parameter of any asset. It consists of the volume of the asset in circulation multiplied by its market value. The capitalization shows the position of the token among all crypto assets.

The PLEX token occupies the 351th line with a market capitalization of 131 685 082 $

Coingeko, like CoinMarketCap, are one of the first and most authoritative crypto currency aggregators.
CoinMarketCap vs CoinGecko

We continue to negotiate with CoinMarketCap so that the market capitalization of the PLEX token also appears on their platform.

Follow the news!

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5 reasons to use neobank services

The global information portal for traders FXStreet, which is published in 17 languages in the world, has published an analytical article about the trend of neobank, CrossFi and MinePlex technologies.

What is the reason for the popularity of neobank?
How and how much do MinePlex customers earn?
Where can I spend MinePlex tokens?

Five reasons to use neobank services

Read along with millions of FXStreet visitors!

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The news about MinePlex got into the 500 world media

About 500 major media portals around the world published the news about the listing of the PLEX token on the BitMart global crypto exchange. Among them are:

- Daily Herald, the leading news source in Chicago and the fourth largest newspaper in the country,
- MENAFN, a media platform for financial organizations and consumers throughout the Arab world,
- global news networks with millions of readers euleader.org, UpdateNews.info,
- the well-known world news agency WDPP,
- the oldest Canadian newspaper The Chronicle Journal,
- American news portals Pawtuckettimes.com, Sweetwaterreporter.com, Minstercommunitypost.com, The Ridgway Record, The Observer News Enterprise and many others.

Look for news about MinePlex on the Internet!

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