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Mark Romanovich

Bitcoin\best Exchange Courses\e-Currency

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Hi! We want to offer our service.
All operations with Bitcoin\Best exchange courses all over the world\Exchange E-Currency

Buy/Sell 1 BTC ->
฿/€/$/PM/WMZ/PR24/LP/WU/MG -> according «btc-e.com» course.
(Commission 4%)
•Personal certificate WebMoney BL 340


•More than 500+ deals
•Any amounts
•We work 24\7
Simply we are the best.
How to contact us:
SKYPE: mark.romanovich



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    • By Naumnic
      Following a week of generally positive volatility in the cryptocurrency markets, multiple altcoins are now trading down 5% or more as Bitcoin failed to stabilize above $6,500. The recent market action ultimately leaves investors wondering the same question that has been pondered all year: will the markets see an end-of-year rally as we head into the winter months?
      At the time of writing, Bitcoin (BTC) is trading at $6,450 on the aggregated markets, down just over 1% over a 24-hour trading period. Despite falling below $6,500, Bitcoin is still trading within its long-established trading range between $6,200 and $6,700, and it has yet to decisively move above or below the parameters of this range. I suggest to forex fundamental analysis for dummies here!
      As mentioned in yesterday’s market update, during BTC’s period of sideways trading, multiple altcoins have had an incredibly profitable week, with the recent market surge being primarily led by Ripple (XRP) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).
      Today, however, these two cryptocurrencies have been the worst performers, with XRP trading down nearly 8% and BCH trading down just over 6%.
      Despite having a rough day filled with bearish trading volume, these two cryptocurrencies could see better pricing in the coming days, depending on whether or not today’s drop was simply a temporary retrace resulting from profit taking from traders.
      Bitcoin Cash especially has a high chance of seeing continued gains up until its hard fork event which is scheduled to occur on November 15th. Traders may place long positions on BCH in hopes of continued buying preceding this event, and investors may increase their positions in order to get free units of the cryptocurrency resulting from the hard fork.
    • By AffiliateMastery
      The followers we send are of the highest quality possible, because they are actually real people connected to our network. Our delivery speed can be close to instant, or you can decide to have them delivered gradually. Your Instagram account will be totally safe. The followers and likes you'll receive are from real people connected to our network. Other websites offer followers which are actually just bot accounts created by automated software. The followers we deliver are actually accounts created by real people. Instagram cannot ban accounts for buying followers, else anyone would be able to buy followers for their competitors to have them shut down. This is 100% safe.

      Get 250 real followers + refill
      Get 1000 real followers + refill
      Get 5000 real followers + refill 
      Get 10000 real followers + refill
      Get 20000 real followers + refill
      *Once you purchase, post your instagram username with transaction id. 

      Are the followers real?
      Yes! The accounts following you are created by real people. However, they only follow you as a result of buying a package with us. The followers are not targeted or interested. They will like, view and follow your content because they get paid a share of the profits we make from this service.

      Where are the followers from?
      From all over the world. We're currently working on making targeting options, but those are not ready just yet. For now, you'll get all kinds of followers from all over the world.

      What is my guarantee?
      Since we own the network of accounts that will be following you, we can guarantee the delivery of the followers you've purchased. If you don't receive your followers, we will give you a full refund.

      Will these accounts unfollow me again?
      This is something that rarely ever occurs because we only send accounts that were created by real people. To protect yourself from Instagram purges, we have refills automatically added to your purchase.
    • By JavaDev
      Features of InstaGen. Program for liking, following and commenting in instagram
      - Multithreaded liking
      - Multithreaded following
      - Multithreaded commenting
      - Uploading avatars, setting links to your profile
      - Proxy and user agents support
      - Creation work result report
      - Program is working as an emulation of human behavior (chromedriver), not API
      You can get free test for 3 days
      Every buyer`ll get the link to FAQ and instructions
      Main window

      Settings window

      Demonstration following, setting link, avatar
      Demonstration liking
      Price: 7$ forever
      email [email protected]
      skype live:kirill_1135
      telegram @JavaDeveloper92
      private message
    • By JavaDev
      Features of Skype Monster Client. Program for multithread chatting, sending requests, sending messages to contact list .
      - Multithread sending of requests with the text
      - Automatic accept of incoming friend request
      - Send messages to new friends
      - Two types of auto-reply: standard and commercial
      - Multithread chat with contacts from the program
      - Sending messages to contact list
      - Support for all types of accounts (login, mail, phone)
      - Support user agents
      The program does not require you to install Skype on your computer, at the same time you can login into hundreds of different accounts. Skype Monster Client monitors all accounts for new incoming requests to friends, accepts them and sends your commercial message automatically. The same procedure awaits the people who approved your outgoing requests. With customers who are seriously interested in your offer, you can chat from several accounts directly from the program or send an auto-reply if you are not on the spot at the moment.
      If you have your own skype account database for sending, then you can upload it to Skype Monster Client, specify different texts of requests in order to interest the clients, and the program will add accounts in a multithread mode
      If you have news about your service, site, affiliate program, work profile, etc., you can send messages only to current friends.
      You can get free test for 3 days
      Every buyer`ll get the link to FAQ and instruction
      Main window

      Settings window

      The example of working 2 skype accounts = 2 threads (Read first comment in youtube)
      Demonstration "Send messages to contact list" mode
      Price: 15$ forever, 5$ per month
      email [email protected]
      skype live:kirill_1135
      telegram @JavaDeveloper92
      via private message
      You also can buy the program here https://codeclerks.com/Bots/1410/Skyipe-Monster-Client-For-multithread-chating-sending-requests-sending-messages-to-contact-list
    • By jimmiewilliams
      Here is the list of app design trends that will lead 2019:
      1.      Seamless interface: The foremost one among the top app design trends is to deliver a picture-perfect experience.
      2.      Custom illustrations: Digital illustrations are proving this phrase right and as a result, it is among the booming app UI design trends and yes, we are sure of that.
      3.      Storytelling with Character Design: Today, more and more apps are moving towards storytelling concept for their company’s service or product revelation.
      4.      Full-Screen Background Images: The latest trend in the app design includes the usage of the full-screen images that are visually appealing and triggers positive emotions while you land on the first page.
      5.       Buttonless UI: Buttonless UI is the Most Popular app design trends of this era.
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