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Why should we focus on sustainable green energy when making investments?

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GreenEarthMoon helps the planet and its inhabitants live a better life through cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, green energy and sustainable living.

Cryptocurrency is the future of global money however it is responsible for approximately 1% of global energy use and that number is rising. Most of this power comes from very harmful energy sources.

So what do we do?

As a global society they need to focus their efforts on sustainable green energy. There is already some great green energy technology out there. Solar panels, wind farms, water generators, dams etc…

There are also many new green energy initiatives in development that most people have not heard of. Artificial photosynthesis, liquid sunlight, and 3d printed solar energy trees to name a few. Green energy needs to be widespread and available to everyone.

Through the GreenEarthMoonCoin they will be partnering with charities and innovators to help bring green energy to more people.

They want to help people understand the importance of green energy and learn ways they can help promote it and do their part in sustainable living. Around 1 Billion people on the planet still do not have access to electricity. They want to change that.

StarLink is a company founded by Elon Musk that will be offering satellite internet to everyone.


This will revolutionize and change the world as we know it. Soon everyone will have access to the internet and cryptocurrency but not everyone will have access to the electricity needed to use it. Cryptocurrency currently only represents approximately 0.1% of the wealth in the world.


At this stage everyone with access to the internet and electricity has the opportunity to change their lives through the power of cryptocurrency and DeFi(Decentralized Finance). Through green technology we want to help power the world and bring blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to everyone.


The Development team will relinquish all tokens to the community and purchase equally with everyone. Also the development team will not be receiving a tax on tokens purchased in the developer wallet.


Why? They want this to be a community effort to support green energy and a healthy earth, not a way for a dev team to profit and get guaranteed tokens with minimal effort. They want to be part of the community, not above the community.


The development team will be using their own funds to purchase tokens at the launch in a special wallet that will be dedicated to charities. This wallet and balance will be posted on our website and be public knowledge.


It will be opened a minimum of twice per year and the money donated to a charity or charities that work in the sector of green energy, healthy planet, and better quality of living for people. They will also host a community wallet where community members may donate to a chosen charity.


In the future when we are receiving income from merchandise sales, consulting, etc they will donate 100% of this to the charity wallet. If the development team wants to profit from GEMC they will need to purchase, market, and HODL GEMC along with the community.


They are always open to suggestions and feedback from our community. If you see errors on the website, inaccurate information, or have any concerns at all please reach out to them. They are human, they make mistakes, they may not always get it right the first time but will do everything they can to make it right.

They love feedback in the community. This is a community project, community token, and community charity giving. As the development team they are simply liaisons for their community to help and spread the word.

They invite everyone in the community to be a part of the development team. Reach out to them, share your thoughts, let’s find out what we can do as individuals and as a community to help advance blockchain technology and green energy. Please follow and interact with us on social media or reach out to us privately if you prefer.


Each buy and sell transaction activates 3 important things.

1. 5% of purchase goes to locked liquidity, constantly raising the liquidity pool.

2. 4% is given to existing holders. The longer you are a community member the more tokens you      will own.     

3. 1% is burned forever. This decreases the supply raising the value of each token with every transaction Each purchase and sell is a total of 10% tax.

How do I make money while helping the earth and advancing crypto technology?

The GreenEarthMoon coin is known as a static reward token. This means that every time someone buys or sells you earn a tax on that transaction. Think of it as earning high interest just for owning and holding. The longer you hold your tokens the more tokens you will accrue.


Initialy 33% of the tokens were burned and sent to a dead address. This address also receives tokens as a static reward. When tokens are sent to this address they are removed from circulation forever.

When there are less tokens in circulation it automatically increases the value of every single token.

So by holding tokens it automatically increases the number of tokens you own and each token you own becomes more and more valuable over time. Pretty cool, huh? To top it off we also added a straight 1% burn on each buy and sell, guaranteeing a nice steady decreasing supply to help with an increasing token value.

For more info you can simply visit at http://greenearthmoon.com



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⤴️-Paid Ad- TGF does not endorse any products advertised. 🔥 Advertise here.🔥

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