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Want to start a profitable investment in an ecofreindly project? Helping earth and it’s inhabitants live better quality lives through crypto currency, blockchain technology, green energy and sustainable living.

Cryptocurrency is the future of global money however it is responsible for approximately 1% of global energy use and that number is rising. Most of this power comes from very harmful energy sources.

Why they use Crypto for this?

Here at Green Earth Moon we believe that crypto currency and blockchain is the most secure, simple, and trustworthy payment method in existence. Also there is a huge transfer of wealth taking place through cryptocurrency and DeFi and we want to help the "average" person to benefit from this.

Crypto Currency transactions and verifying payments requires miners( powerful computers that process complex algorithms) to use electricity to verify the transaction. Global crypto currency power use is approximately 1% of the global consumption of energy and rising daily.

Using energy is not necessarily a bad thing. We see our planet as being very technologically advanced and having a very heavy energy dependency in the future. Energy dependency is not a bad thing. It is actually a great thing. Everything comes from something, which usually comes from some sort of energy.

The problem is not the energy use or consumption, the problem is how that energy is created. In most places we still use a very arcadic system to generate electricity. We burn coal or fossil fuels. This creates toxins that are very hazardous to our earth, atmosphere, and it’s residents inhabiting it.

We believe that Crypto currency and Block chain technology will continue to consume more and more energy. As a society of humans we will use more and more energy each year.

So what do we do

As a global society we need to focus our efforts on sustainable green energy. There is already some great green energy technology out there. Solar panels, Wind farms, Water generators, Dams etc…

There are also many new green energy initiatives in development most have not heard of such as artificial photosynthesis, liquid sunlight, and 3d printed solar energy trees.  Green energy needs to be widespread and available to everyone.


Each buy and sell transaction activates 3 important things.

1. 5% of purchase goes to locked liquidity, constantly raising the liquidity pool.

2. 4% is given to existing holders. The longer you are a community member the more tokens you      will own.     

3. 1% is burned forever. This decreases the supply raising the value of each token with every transaction Each purchase and sell is a total of 10% tax.

How do I make money while helping the earth and advancing crypto technology?

The GreenEarthMoon coin is known as a static reward token. This means that every time someone buys or sells you earn a tax on that transaction. Think of it as earning high interest just for owning and holding. The longer you hold your tokens the more tokens you will accrue.


Initialy 33% of the tokens were burned and sent to a dead address. This address also receives tokens as a static reward. When tokens are sent to this address they are removed from circulation forever.

When there are less tokens in circulation it automatically increases the value of every single token.

So by holding tokens it automatically increases the number of tokens you own and each token you own becomes more and more valuable over time. Pretty cool, huh? To top it off we also added a straight 1% burn on each buy and sell, guaranteeing a nice steady decreasing supply to help with an increasing token value.

For more info you can simply visit at http://greenearthmoon.com/






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⤴️-Paid Ad- TGF does not endorse any products advertised. 🔥 Advertise here.🔥

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