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We are so excited that after 3 successful months of running PTCRS, now introduce our new service.

4XRevshare.com is a service which has been designed for revenue-sharing enthusiasts.

Plan details can be found on the homepage and the FAQ page of the website, however here are a summary of the important features:

- No sponsoring required

- No need to surf to earn

- No deposit fees

- No withdrawal fees

- No need to have an active deposit to earn referral commissions

- Five RC levels: 5% - 4% - 3% - 2% - 1%

- No referral limit for each level

Our main intention for starting this project is that we are trying to separate the revenue-sharing section from the PTCRS in order to be able to apply for accepting PayPal on PTCRS.com in near future. The game section (head or tail) would also be removed from PTCRS, although we cannot give an exact time for these changes to happen.

Of course the way the revenue-sharing would be removed from PTCRS is that the ability to purchase new positions will be disabled but the members who have active positions, will receive their profit until the positions’ maturity.

For celebrating Christmas and the start of our new project, we would like to announce our new promotion “Add Fund Bonus” for all deposit of $100 or above:

$100 to $250 2.5% bonus

$251 to $500 3%

$500 to $1000 4%

+$1001 5%

Please note that this promotion will end on 31 December 2013.

In order to get the bonus, please submit a support ticket and your bonus will be added within 12 hours. Please send your username and transaction details in the ticket.

The script for 4XRevshare is xSharePro and the main reason for choosing this script is that its developer is very responsible and provides better support than other scripts in the market.

Please report any bug or issue you noticed on the website through a support ticket.

Sign up here:

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