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At Poolas Investment, we have built an investment organization focused on anticipating the needs of both institutional and individual investors. We provide investment management services to a wide range of clients, including affiliated and non-affiliated corporations, endowments and foundations, individuals and employee benefit plans. We look into new areas of business expansion, we expand our membership scope and also investment opportunities give rise to better return for our investors at all time.
Because our sole business is asset management, we are able to focus on a clearly defined mission ‐ understanding our clients' needs and responding by providing a range of long-term investment solutions. Our collective focus is to identify and capitalize on ideas that we believe have the greatest risk-adjusted return potential. We are opportunistic in our methods, applying a wide spectrum of investment tools and techniques with a willingness to take compensated risks.
Our core belief is that inefficiencies in valuations in the financial markets may be found and captured for our clients. We are driven by a competitive spirit that prizes the intellectual rigor and the passion required to excel in today's dynamic global markets. From start till now our activities have being base on new inovation and we work closely with other big European Investment market to deliver good return to investors at all time.
Leveraging a high-quality investment portfolio, a strong balance sheet, an excellent reputation and significant funds available for further investment, Poolas Investment is well-positioned to pursue its focused strategy aiming for long term value creation – for the benefit of our shareholders, our portfolio companies and their management.
Investment Plans:

Payment After 1 day
103% after 1 day ($10 - $250)
107% after 1 day ($251 - $1, 000)
110% after 1 day ($1,001 - $3,000)
115% after 1 day ($3,001 - $10,000)
120% after 1 day ($10001 - $100,000)
Payment After 5 days
116% after 5 days ($200 - $1000)
125% after 5 days ($1,001 - $3000)
150% after 5 days ($3,001 - $20,000)
180% after 5 days ($20,001 - $100,000)
10 USD
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RCB Request : 5000% + Bonus Offers!

Ref.Commission Back up to 5000% + Bonus Offer!

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