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Why are domain names so important ?

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I think this is a great way to attract investors  to your crypto investment site.  As I know, the EXIP ecosystem is custom built to meet the needs of individuals, the private sector and government agencies. They provide excellent service to their clients.

EXIP is designed to decentralise the internet and overcome monopolistic control over domain names and Top-level domains. A Blockchain DNS solution where an agnostic NFTs prefered by you identifies your domain & Top-Level Domain.

What is the EXIP ecosystem?

EXIP ecosystem is custom built to the needs of any individual, private or government institution. In the future, based on the way the world is moving with blockchain and decentralisations, we need all aspects of the project to be decentralised, and we don’t need anyone to control the internet or monitor it in the future but the community.

We will build this project where all the users will be treated with equal access power. Anyone can create Top-level domains or domains that the ownership will be identified through Non-fungible tokens.

How the  EXIP Blockchain Agnostic Token Model work?

Total tokens issued will be 2,100,000 for any given time. When a user purchase domain or a TLD, 21% of the purchase price will be staked for EXIP token owners

Initially, 2.1Mn EXIP tokens will be minted in BSC (Binance Smart chain) and listed in exchanges. Simultaneously, Ethereum and stellar-based 2.1M EXIP tokens are also minted and locked in the pool wallet.

When the EXIP cross 1.1+M(<50%) tokens in the sale, the Ethereum based EXIP Tokens will be listed in the market. When a user wants to convert the Tokens, they can come to the EXIP pool wallet, prove their ownership, and convert the tokens and transfer to their wallets.

The rest of the tokens will be sent back to pool accounts. And each chain token price and supply will be the same at any point. Even if the community wants EXIP to create any tokens in any specific blockchain in the future can be achieved by the community voting.

Ex. If the user has 5 BSC-basedEXIP tokens and wants to convert them to stellar-based EXIP tokens, he can send BSC-based tokens to the EXIP pool wallet and convert them to stellar based EXIP tokens. Then BSC based EXIP tokens will be locked, and stellar based EXIP tokens will be sent to the user's wallet.

What Are NFT based Domains & Top Level domains in EXIP?

With EXIP Domain & TLD reservation system, Anyone can create Top-level domains or domains that the ownership will be identified through Non-fungible tokens.

Unlike the traditional DNS system, users in EXIP can own a TLD (Top Level Domain), one of the key characteristics. Users who own the TLDs can create domains under them and sell or auction them. Users who own the top-level domains own the subdomains as well. Likewise, TLDs also can be sold or auctioned on the EXIP website.

Users can access the reservation system via domains www.exip.live or via the EXIP website.

EXIP Token

EXIP token is an agnostic usage & governance token releasing initially based on the Binance chain. EXIP tokens will be used to buy, sell, and auction domains & top-level domains, while token holders will get staked when domains & TLDs are purchased & auctioned.

Token holders have the voting power to seize or revoke any domain or a TLD if the community decides it should not exist.

This is a great platform for decentralizing the Internet and overcoming exclusive control of domain names and top-level domains.

For more info you can simply visit at www.exip.live


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⤴️-Paid Ad- TGF verify and approve but does NOT endorse the products advertised. 🔥 Advertise here.🔥

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