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Euro 2020 Predictions Contest $220 in Prizes 🔥

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3 hours ago, Dennis#MD said:


Если вы хотите участвовать во втором извлечении, вы не можете выбрать Draw as @Tonkovic а также @WebGoldMiner выбрали разные исходы для финала, поэтому ничьей не будет.

Ок. Fixing.


My vote is for @WebGoldMiner

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On 7/8/2021 at 12:32 AM, Dennis#MD said:

Euro 2020 Grand Finale on Jul 11 - Italy - England Predictions

Guys and gals this is the last match of our predictions contest.

1. Cast your predictions on the team that will win Euro 2020. Who is gonna be, Italy or England? for one $10 daily money prize (randomly chosen from correct predictions)

2. (Optional) Cast your predictions on who will be our top tipster @WebGoldMiner@Tonkovic, or Draw (LE: Draw is no longer an option as Tonkovic and Webgoldminer chosen different winners for the final) for one $5 money prize (randomly chosen from correct predictions). It's for fun guys, don't take it seriously 🙂

Special message for our top tipsters:

@WebGoldMiner and @Tonkovic as there is a draw because both of you guys have 13 winning predictions I need a way to find the winner.

So if you select the same winning team then I will want you to: send me by PM 2 more additional predictions

  1. winning team or a draw after the regular time (90 mins): Italy/England/Draw
  2. the team that will mark the 1st goal or no goal in the regular time (90 mins): Italy/England/0-0

After the competition is over I will post the screenshots with your selection and we will add points for the correct ones.If after those there is still equality then the prize will be split.

P.S. The big prize is $100 🙂

England to win

Best tipster: webgoldminer

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1. Будет ничья в основное время, 1:1

2. Англия забьёт первый гол, потом Италия

Ну и в экстра тайм, но скорее всего по пинальти выйграет Италия

Скорее всего 3:2(по пенальти, а не ввобщем) 

Это по футболу😄

Голосую за @Tonkovic

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  • Root Admin

1. Bet that Italy will be the Euro 2020 winner:

@WebGoldMiner, @OrigamiMag, @ashtrader, @wannabepro, @nxanth, @omartinez, @BuggyMan, @Ol4ik74

Money winner: @BuggyMan

2. Bet that England will be the Euro 2020 winners:

@Tonkovic, @EuChangeLTD, @fahadaziz, @Murka96, @IgorKu, @TrinityS, @XtraProfit, @Zesarius, @Sandusky, @blondie, @lyuba

3. Best tipsters - Votes for @WebGoldMiner

@EuChangeLTD, @ashtrader, @wannabepro, @nxanth, @fahadaziz, @TrinityS, @lyuba, @omartinez

Money winner of $5 money prize: @nxanth

4. Best tipsters - Votes for @Tonkovic

@OrigamiMag, @Zesarius, @Ol4ik74


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  • Root Admin
9 hours ago, Ol4ik74 said:

1. There will be a draw in regular time, 1: 1

2. England will score the first goal, then Italy

Well, in extra time, but most likely Italy will win on a kick-off

Most likely 3: 2 (on penalties, not in general) 

It's football 😄

I vote for @Tonkovic

Till now, the prediction of @Ol4ik74 is the most accurate 🙂

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