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The EPA is headquartered in London, and is managed by a team of experienced on-line payments professionals.
We partner with Wave Crest, a global expert in prepaid card issuing, program management, and specialised processing. We also use Swiftcom Networks for the provision and management of software applications for EPA including the website and integrated business systems.

Who is the Electronic Payments Association? It’s the fast growing, low cost, trustworthy association for online marketers.
The Electronic Payments Association (EPA) was set up for internet professionals who were tired of slow, expensive and unreliable access to their affiliate commissions.
So now we provide a cost-effective, fast and secure way for companies and individuals to make and receive payments across international borders.

  • Membership is open to individuals and businesses involved in all areas of affiliate marketing.
  • The easy to use platform helps members manage their commission income efficiently, and access their funds via a members’ only ePayments Prepaid MasterCard®.
  • The EPA also helps Advertisers and Affiliate Networks significantly reduce their costs by making multiple commission payments more economically.

What are the Fees & Limits?
EPA Membership Fees:

  • $34.95 – annual membership
  • $124.95 – annual membership with Express Delivery of your ePayments Prepaid MasterCard®

ePayments Prepaid MasterCard® Fees:

  • $20.00 – Card Issue (included in the Membership Fee)
  • No charge – Card Activation
  • No charge – Point-of-sale (POS) transactions
  • $1.50 – ATMs, per transaction
  • No charge – Active Account fee, per month
  • No charge – Inactive Account fee, per month
  • $10.00 – Abandoned Account fee, per month (after 6 months of no use)
  • $5.00 – Account Closure
  • $35.00 – Lost/Stolen Card Replacement

ePayments Prepaid MasterCard® Limits:

  • $10.00 – Initial Minimum Load
  • $3,000.00 – Maximum Daily Cash Access at ATMs or Bank Tellers
  • $10,000.00 – Maximum Amount per Load
  • $20,000.00 – Maximum amount on a card



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