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Have you tried using Mac?

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I haven't had a mac before, but I have been debating the same thing for some time so I'll share my thought process. I think the first thing you should look at is what you would use it for mainly. For example, if you are a big gamer a pc might be better. But if you would use it for work, a Mac might be a good choice because it is usually lighter and more easily portable than most PC's with a similar performance and price category. If you have any software preferences, you should consider that too - if you are for some reason a fan of the Microsoft Office suite or something similar, you are probably better off with a pc, but if Apple softwares seem attractive to you, a Mac would be great. Lastly, do you have any other Apple devices? One big advantage of a Mac is that if you have an iPhone for examle, synchronising the two devices is a lot more simple.

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