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kaito kid

Do You Have A Good Analytics ?

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Show your analytical talents and earn on predicting the major intrigue of 2013: at what price will the EUR/USD pair close on 31 December?

Prize fund of the contest: 500 $

Your creative and well-grounded forecasts on the EUR/USD for 31 December, 2013 are accepted from16.12.2013 to 27.12.2013 in the comments to the contest webpage.

After the New Year holidays, FX Bazooka moderators will sum up the results of the contest and announce winners in 5 nominations:

1) The most accurate forecast (200$)

2) The most reasonable forecast (175$)

3) The best fundamental analysis (50$)

4) The best technical analysis (50$)

5) The most creative argumentation (25$)

Sponsor of the contest – FBS (“Best Broker in Asia region 2013”)


Terms and conditions:



A forecast should indicate an exact price (not a range)

Forecast argumentation is an obligatory contest admission criterion

Each participant’s forecast is eligible to win in several nominations

The minimum forecast argumentation length– 50 words

In case several participants give equally accurate forecasts, the one who was the first to provide the most precise and reasonable forecast will be considered to be a winner.

The close price of the EUR/USD for 31 December, 2013 will be determined according to the data from FBS MetaTrader 4.

Prize funds will be awarded to any real trading account belonging to a winner in FBS.

As soon as prize funds are awarded to a winner, they are transferred to his entire ownership.

Participants, caught in plagiarism, will be disqualified.


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If you are searching for analysis to Learn or to get BEST analysis daily, you can follow OctaFx platform, where so many certified analyst provides their analysis on major and popular currencies all the time. this is a great chance to Learn and win from Forex trading.

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To get all the latest news about Forex market and to get the Technical analysis for all major currencies given by certified Experts, you can choose OctaFx platform to join.

Here is the today's Europian news; ECB Vice President Vitor Constancio said on Wednesday following the publication of the central bank's Financial Stability Review that financial stability in the Eurozone was not the main concern currently and that the stubbornly low inflation was a more serious issue, to be discussed at next week's meeting. you will definitely love your Journey with this amazing broker, where making profits from live Forex is so Easy.

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If the broker that you chose does not have the skills, knowledge, and tools necessary to properly advise the new forex trader, the possibility of failure increases significantly. more experienced brokers are more preferable than inexperienced ones because of their record of stability and reliability.I open an account with Tickmill is one of ECN broker, the broker has a speed of execution and low spreads are I needed to do scalping . this is usually the main thing when I decide to choose the right broker for scalping. this method is very suitable for me to apply in this broker because this broker provide me the spreads as low as 0,3 pips on eurusd, no requotes, positive slippage.

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Learning Forex is right and you have to do it consistently. The main thing is to carefully select the information source. I remember once in classes of Teletrade they instilled the idea of ​​the harmfulness of Stop Loss use. Of course, then majority of students lost their deposits in the first month.

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      This months HOT news Referral Contest - Major Discounts on Advertisements
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      Upgraded account status indicates to advertisers that the viewer has successfully made a purchase using a credit card or bank account online. These members have the opportunity to view more ads, thus earning more money since some advertisers prefer to display their ads to viewers who have proven purchasing power only.
      There are many benefits that go along with being an UPGRADED member, like:
      There are 2 basic memberships. Standard and pioneer are free UPGRADED member, like:

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      The contest will last for an entire month, from 3rd of October to 3rd of November and all prizes will be awarded after the contest ends. If you try to cheat in any way your account will be permanently suspended and your balance forfeited, needless to say that security will work around the clock to catch the cheaters.
      Referrals that are using proxies will NOT count towards the contest. Also if you as a participant to this contest are constantly using proxies you will be disqualified.
      In order to maximize the Prizes awarded to the contest winners we have divided the contest in four stages, with another prize released after each target is achieved. The targets are represented by the total number of registered members on ZephyrClix.
      So, if we get past 1500 total members by the end of the contest the Advertising Packs will be added to the Rewards Fund:
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      1st place - 10 Packs
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      If we get past 6000 total members by the end of the contest the Cash Prizes that are added to the Rewards Fund will be doubled.
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      Current Bonus: spend $10 on advertising and get 30 days of free advertising on The Grid for the ad of your choice. Send a Support Ticket with the ad details to claim the bonus. This bonus will change every day.
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      Hi all,
      New site launched
      The first 100 members will receive 10000 Banner Ad Impressions free!
      Once we reach 100 members our referral contest will start and
      first prize will be $30 plus a lot of advertising credits.
      Thank you for reading
    • By GainPips
      $100 New Years Forex Contest!
      Hi All! GainPips.com is proud to announce its first of many contests to come. We will be giving away FREE funded accounts with various Forex Brokers, which may be gained by winning the Forex competitions that we place.
      What are the terms and conditions for withdrawal you ask? Do not worry – unlike many of the competitions out there, the money that is funded into the account of the winner will have NO TERMS & CONDITIONS (with possible exception of having to provide docs for KYC/ AML purposes, as may be imposed onto the Forex Broker by their regulatory commission). i.e. should the winner decide, he may withdraw the money rather than use it to trade Forex!
      The first Forex contest will be estimating the bid price that the EUR/USD pair will close at on the last day of 2011 (i.e. 22:00 GMT on the 30/12/11).
      The last date of estimation is Wednesday 28th December at 22:00 GMT.
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