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Crypto Trading

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Bitcoin cryptocurrency investment is on the rise. The profit reaches hundreds of percent. Where can you buy and sell bitcoin and crypto in a safe, regulated and inexpensive fee? I reviewed the 5 best bitcoin crypto exchanges in Indonesia, all of which are listed on Baappebti.

Initially, I didn't show cryptocurrency developments. However, the development of this type of currency investment at the end of 2020 is very interesting.

First, the price of Bitcoin, the most popular type of crypto coin (token), has increased quite dramatically. Only in a matter of months, rising through all new eras.

Bitcoin is up 354% in 2020 as well as a record high price in 2017. Beating the returns on other assets.

What is also important, this increase is a number of fundamental factors. Not because of sheer euphoria, as had happened before.

Second, I keep that cryptocurrency is more accepted as a means of payment. I myself have experienced it, requests are paid in crypto currency for digital transactions.

The decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies, without a central bank, makes transfers easy in the digital world. Suitable for buying and selling online.

Third, crypto asset trading has been permitted in Indonesia under Bappebti - an institution that fosters commodity futures trading. Buying and selling cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, is legal.

What is not or has not been allowed in Indonesia is to use Bitcoin as a means of payment. In Indonesia you cannot buy things and pay with Bitcoin.

The rise in the price of Bitcoin has made many people ask how to buy and sell bitcoin, where is the place to buy and sell bitcoin, what is the name of an official and safe crypto application.

In contrast to stock transactions, where investors use a broker who will transact on the exchange, in bitcoin or crypto assets, investors do not go through a broker but directly transact with other investors on the crypto exchange platform.

So, the term is not a broker, but an exchange, as a marketplace that brings together traders for buying and selling, transfers and deposits of crypto assets. Crypto transactions are bridged by these exchanges.

I will review 5 bitcoin exchanges in Indonesia. I will also share basic knowledge about bitcoin and crypto asset regulation in Indonesia.


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Hello. Good post. With modern technologies our life is rapidly changing every decade. For example did you imagine in 1990 that in 2021 you will be able to earn money via internet by trading?:) I also read several other interesting facts about technological influence on our lives here - http://www.mediaman.com.au/articles/technological-influence.html. Maybe this will be interesting for you too.

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Yes. It's true that price of bitcoin is rising day by day even if we take a look at last year chart then we will find the price at around 20000$ but at the moment when I am writing this is moving around 50000$ so to trade this coin people can join FreshForex broker as there they will get up to 300% deposit bonuses.


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As of now, the crypto currency market is bearish due to the international issues that are affecting all financial markets alike. But traders can still make profit if they know how to adapt to the market situation well. 

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I have been trading in the crypto currency market for quite some time and I would say your profitability is solely dependent on your skills and knowledge. We need to have a good amount of understanding about the world of crypto currencies to make profit from trading.

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