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BTCclicks Review: The Best Platform to Earn Free Bitcoins

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What is BTC Clicks?

BTC Clicks is a PTC (paid to click) website where you can earn milliBitcoins for clicking and watching Ads. On this website, the members have to just view the ads that advertisers place on the site. You will be paid in millibitcoins (mBTC), which is one-thousandth of a Bitcoin.

Is BTC Clicks Legit or Scam?

BTC Clicks is a very legitimate and one of the best Bitcoin PTC sites to work. One of the important things is that there seems to be no evidence at all that the site is not paying or delayed with its payments to its members.

BTC Clicks is an advertising platform that has been around since 2013. As per the BTC Clicks reviews, they have the highest referral commission in the PTC Industry. It offers a cheap way for advertisers to place their advertisements and reach the people who love Bitcoins.

BTC Clicks Business Plan

BTC Clicks offers only one way to earn Bitcoins on the site and that is to click and view ads. You will be paid in mBTC, which is equivalent to one-thousandth of a Bitcoin. 

This means that 1 mBTC is equal to 0.001 Bitcoin. the current value of 1 Bitcoin, as of this writing, is $6,389.31, so 1 mBTC is equal to $6.389.

Now the mBTC you will earn will depend on how long you will need to view the ad. A 10-second advertisement will earn you 0.00005 mBTC, while a 20-second ad will earn you 0.00006 mBTC. 

If the ad you view is 30 seconds, then you will earn 0.00007 mBTC and the longest is 40 seconds, which will earn you 0.00008 mBTC.

Now, just like in any PTC site, you will need to answer a captcha after viewing the ad before the mBTC is credited to your account.

BTC Click, only has 10 to 15 ads that you can view per day. There are moments where there would be more, but most of the time this is the number of ads you would be able to see.

Source: CoinPedia

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