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FONDINVEST - an online mutual benefit, which is designed to improve the financial well-being of any person who will take part in it. Participate in the system can be anyone, regardless of social status, rank in society and economic status. The essence of the program is simple - helping others, you help yourself. We offer our customers a high percentage of the profits. Desire and the human desire to keep and increase their money plays a huge role in the modern world. The classic option is a bank deposit. But contributions to the banking system gives low income that barely covers inflation. Cooperating with FONDINVEST, you can be confident about the future, not only keeping your savings, but also successfully multiplying. Naturally, we can not eliminate the risks associated with the effect of force majeure.
12 hours
120 hours 10%
min.10 $ - $ max.50
Refund of a deposit
24 hours
240 hours 50%
min.50 $ - $ max.100m
Refund of a deposit
48 hours
720 hours 150%
min.100 $ - $ maks.2000
Refund of a deposit
48 hours
960 hours 260%
min.150 $ - $ maks.2000
Refund of a deposit
Payments via: PM

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