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The Importance of Online Education - Expert Roundup Contribution

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We live in disturbing times. However, if there is something good that we get from this pandemic experience, it’s that we have adapted and moved some of our activities online.

One of those is tutoring. With online tutoring, people worldwide have the chance to learn a new language or master a new skill.

With this new prominence of online education, there are more opportunities than ever before to realize your vocational calling by becoming a part of this distinct and modern form of academic instruction.

With the help of the online learning platform, Askademic, and with the tips from this roundup, you will have the ultimate upper hand when you start teaching remotely.

They’ve asked 45 experts to share their best tips and tricks that work in 2021 and beyond.

Online-Tutoring-Expert-Roundup-1170x500.pngThere are many helpful tips you can implement right away and start teaching or learning online.

You can read my contribution here

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I agree with some points, but I have to disagree with some. I believe that the school lays the foundation of a person, instills certain values, teaches what is good and what is bad. I think that these conclusions are related to how your school years went, maybe I'm wrong. Without a school base, I would hardly be able to go to university and get a master's degree and be where I am now. This allowed me to go even further and thanks to PMP training I got a certificate that allowed me to reach great heights, more here.

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